I’m sure any students, bloggers, movie lovers would understand the struggle in not having any laptop to work on. Other than my phone, my laptop is literally my everything, especially I’m a student who does not take notes and depends highly on applications like Notability in note taking.

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For some, this may be a small deal, but since this is my first piercing after my mom had given birth to me, I’ll make it a BIG deal enough for me to write a blog about it.

Somehow I found myself Googling about getting a second piercing on my ear lobe. And because I have a strong compulsion about getting pierced, I went straight to the mall after class and had my ears pierced at Claire’s for free, all I paid was the Piercing kit, which includes an earring of my choice & a bottle of cleaning solution. I’m also grateful for the associates there who were very accommodating to guide me in my technically first ear piercing; they even helped me choose the earring that will suit me the most.

MY PIERCING KIT (cellphone excluded)

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Because I’m a mainemendoza.com follower, obviously. Here’s my CURRENT feels.

I’m currently reading a Murakami Novel! Yayy! I had to stop reading Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage before, yet due to some reasons I wanted some gloomy/dark literature read so yes, I’m reading it now!

Two literature papers and this blog
I’m surprised by myself that I have the guts to do this when in fact I have two papers due!!!

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So I’ve decided to take another set of pictures. This time, it is RAW.
I never really liked raw photos, because I like light & dark images, but because of my best friend’s influence, I posted some of my cam’s unedited pictures.

I did use some filters/mood on my camera, such as silhouette & real tone. When I find time, I’ll try to use the remaining filters/mood available.

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Love, may it be a past love, future love, present love, whatever love it is, I’d like to recognize love as one feeling. It may give permanent and temporary happiness but love is love and with that, I’d like to use this moment to use love as it makes a poet out of me. However, by love, I mean a former love.

Yes, I have broken up with my ex-boyfriend (redundant?) and I never actually acknowledged the feeling until now. How good it is to be busy, eh? So I have taken a time off from my paper works and decided to share my break-up playlist to everyone. I know this may remind you of Piolo and Sarah’s movie; the truth is I am going to write the blog with the film in my mind and my experiences in my heart.

Before you further scroll, I would like to encourage you to visit and play the playlist I made for this blog at: (please click or copy and paste to your browser)


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It is not about me having expectations on you,

because I could stand using my feet and sway with the wind, or swim into water or even get burned with flames.

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Almost all of the pictures here were taken, while I was inside my car (passenger’s seat).  It did not matter whether the car was moving or not.


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From 11, 138 km. away…


… distance gives us a reason to love harder.

For some people, another half may mean a partner, a wife or a husband. To me, my another half is my sister. I guess, more like my adopted sister- someone who is willing to listen and share, someone I can always make up and break up with, someone who I can honestly say anything, someone I could call my best friend and a twin sister.

Canada is 11, 138 kilometers away from the Philippines. That said, never did I ever feel away from you. I still could feel you from afar- your voice, your laugh, your rants, your anger, your craziness. You may not be physically here, but I know you’re just around, on my phone or my iPad and even in my heart.

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I just finished watching the Korean drama, Can We Get Married on Netflix! It was supposed to be my pastime drama, but I ended up liking it, to the point that I almost got addicted. What I like most about this drama, is that it demonstrated the reality of relationships, which include family, friends, and self-growth.

I listed the few things I learned from it, below:

  1. Love is not only about love

In the story, couples Jung-Hoon and Hye-Yoo plans to marry. What they don’t know is that marriage is not only about them. Thus, marriage requires three families; his family, her family and both of them.

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