Why Waiting is Good


Captured using S6 EDGE


You hold on because you know what it feels like to have it.

It gave you each blood rushing and spine-chilling emotion no one could have ever given. It satisfies you in any way you dreamt of, fed the hunger and the thirst of your cells crying, as pores open, along with the heart beating for love.Read More »

Travel must haves, the K-drama way!

Korean way of travelling is a little different from the rest. Unless you are influenced by an Asian or Korean, one won’t know how fun it is to travel the Korean drama way. So as summer is fast approaching,  here are some of the things a Korean drama fan must have when it comes to travelling.

1. Monopod – the selfie gadget

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I haven’t seen any Korean drama, wherein the characters have used a monopod. This is in the list because Korea is known for selca (self capturewhich now known as ‘selfie’.


2. Backpack – the Park Shin Hye travel

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Backpack is quite common but it is always a must have in any Korean drama, may it be in school, work or even travelling.

Park Shin Hye as Lee Gyu Won also had a back pack when she travelled to Jeju island in the Korean drama Heartstrings.


3. High heeled rubber shoes – be a KPOP star



Koreans are so into looks, which includes height and everything nice. A rubber shoes which has a hidden heel is perfect for any Korean drama themed getaway.

4. Sunscreen from Etude House

Asian cosmetics for Asian skin
Asian cosmetics for Asian skin (sorry for the img quality)

This isn’t only a Sunscreen but is a BB base which makes the skin perfect in a single application. It also smells good and feels very light upon applying on your face.

5. Polaroid – capture yourself.

Though we already have a Monopod in the list, Polaroid should also be in the list because some things aren’t just meant to be shared to everyone and some pictures should just be printed sooner.

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Have a happy vacation the Korean way! 🙂

Seek first the kingdom, discover the gift…

[FMV] When Love Conquers Distance (Celebrating Sun&James’ Wedding) from SUNlights WorldWide on Vimeo.

South, Korea – Wonder Girls’ leader and member Sun Ye tied the knots with Canadian-Korean missionary, James Park. So how am I going to sum up my feelings how God proves to be the best author of our life stories as well as our love stories?

After watching the video posted above, it was so good of Sun Ye, a Korean Idol to spend one week vacation for her service works as a Christian than for a beauty rest or a sleep over and how one week changed her life forever, is just very amazing. It has been her dream to have the family she longed for since she was a kid and James proposing to her is a sign  that it is the time for her to have the thing she wanted most.

Fangirl aside, my heart is breaking as well as rejoicing that an active idol of my generation will be a soon-to-be mom yet I’m very inspired that this warm and pure hearted girl found the man to love forever.

God as the witness.

There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There’s .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my unbounded set. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful. (TFIOS)

the WINNER! GD Giveaway. One Of A Kind album!

After a month of receiving tweets and comments on my blog site, I chose the winner randomly and asked her to take a picture of the album itself as a proof. I ordered the package at KollectionK for all those who wanna order. Thanks to all those who joined!

the lucky random tweet!
the lucky random tweet!


via kollectionk.com :)
via kollectionk.com 🙂

I’m going to give GD’s ONE OF A KIND album, in treat for my blog readers wherever you are in the world!

  • Tweet me on @xiamaranan  and post a comment below (if only you have a WordPress account), why do you deserve to win this promo.
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ex. ” I wanna win GD’s album bcoz… https://krxia.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/gd-giveaway-one-of-a-kind-album/ @xiamaranan “

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Simple game isn’t it. ONLY ONE winner will be chosen. This game is until February 27 and the winner who has the best reason will be posted here and I’m also going to contact you through Twitter.

Whoever that winner will be, you’ll have to take a picture of yourself with GD’s album so that I can post it also here in my blog!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Penny for thoughts.

Treated like a lady, have some raining benjamins worth of spree and best silverware on your table for indulging…

No, don’t ever love or want someone because of acting like a parasite but because of a mutual feelings binded by love. You’re way better than that and you might miss the right opportunity trying to take what you’re not supposed to have.


BEST CONCERT blog: Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour in Manila

This is another dream concert for me. :”))

First – Nevershoutnever concert (I SAW MY IDOL CHRISTOFER DREW!! <3)

Second – A Rocket to the Moon Ayala Tour (NICK SANTINO BABY!!)

And just last April I watched the major concert of THE MAINE in Sky Dome (yes they’re my fave band ever!!)

— so nung nalaman kong pupunta ung BIGBANG dito, i really grab the chance. since si GD lang nman ung Korean artist na kinakabaliwan ko. Nagpareserve na kami ng ticket early September pa lang, to get the seat that we want. Closer to GD my loves :”):”)

OCTOBER 24, 2012 – the day that i’ve been waiting for.

  • we went to the OFFICIAL MERCH OF YG ENTERTAINMENT to buy some Bigbang stuffs. kahit sobrang mahal ng Bigbang Crown Light Stick, bumili talaga ako, para ma-feel ko ung performance nila sa MOA ARENA, and i think it’s a MUST for all VIPs :”)

  • while waiting for the concert, we ate @ Tokyo-Tokyo. gumawa na rin kami ng VIP headband 🙂 puro VIPs nakikita ko sa MOA that time. HAHA :))

  • di pa kami nakakapasok ng MOA Arena nababaliw na kami dahil sa malalaking posters ng Bigbang everywhere.. and their songs are continuously playing on the waiting area.

  • I HATE THIS PART. sobrang haba ng pila papuntang entrance ng MOA Arena, ang mali pa iisang entrance lang from VIP to Gen Ad. Though kampante naman kami kasi naka-reserve na samin ung seats, pero sobrang init sa labas and I think almost one hour kaming naghintay 😦

  • Okay, pag-start ng concert and when I saw GD’s face so close, hindi ko na alam gagawin ko. I’m screaming and jumping like there’s no tomorrow. Kung gwapo sya sa mga video na napapanuod ko, mas gwapo sya pag live. HE LOOKS LIKE A VAMPIRE, HE’S SO PERFECT KAHIT ANG PAYAT NYA HE’S SO HOT AND A TOTAL SWAGGER!! pag tumitingin sya samin with his snake-like eyes feeling ko mahihimatay na talaga ako. He will smirk, teasing us with his smile!!

  • During the concert we’re dancing and singing along with their songs. Halos mabasag ko na ung Bigbang crown light stick na hawak ko dahil sa kakasigaw :”):”) Lahat ng fave song ko kinanta nila! Lalo na ung Haru-Haru na all time favorite ko. 🙂 sympre di mawawala ung lahat ng songs na kasali sa Alive Album nila. The ever famous song– FANTASTIC BABY and BAD BOY. Kinanta din ni GD my loves ung new song nya na CRAYON at ONE OF A KIND. I ALMOST DIED..

  • infairness nakakapagod sumayaw, kumanta at sumigaw for ‘3 HOURS’ HAHAHA! pero sobrang saya, kahit dehydrated na kaming lahat!! sobrang galing mag-perform ng Bigbang, hindi nila kami binigo! ang dami nilang kinanta, and with that 3 HOURS they really show their love for their fans 🙂 Pero yung totoo, kay GD lang tlga ako nakatingin!! HAHA! parang sya lang gusto kong makita, kahit na gwapo nman silang lahat. IBA TALAGA SI GD EH, HOTNESS OVERLOAD lalo na pag sumasayaw sya. SWAGGER BABY!! ❤

  • I also saw Sandara Park of 2ne1 sa crowd, at nakita ko sya after magsalita ni GD ng tagalog!! Mahihimatay na ko kasi ang daming alam ni GD na tagalog phrases! :”)) I REALLY LOVE THIS MAN 🙂 kaya nung sinabe na nila na “PAALAM, MAHAL KO KAYO and GD said: “PEACE OUT”. HALA! parang na-depress na ko kaagad. HAHA! gusto ko ng iuwi si GD baby! :”):”) Pero lahat ng nagastos ko for this concert was really WORTH IT. kahit ang sakit ng katawan ko kakasayaw at ang sakit na lalamunan ko kakasigaw, we’re so happy after the concert! best night for VIPs!!!!!!!!!! :bd

lahat na ng idols ko nakita ko na, si ED SHEERAN na lang!!! ohmygod. i can’t wait!



G-DRAGON’s THAT XX ; That Bitch – Female side.

Cover of GD’s THAT XX; Girl point of view.

– Jung Sung Ha for guitar
– missapplejacksx until the first chorus in lyrics



i was just walking
when i saw her standing there
i wish that i’d been wrong
but LOOK, i told you so
a different smile upon her lips
her arms tightly entwined on his
im sorry i wont say anymore

but why why is it you’re so mad so mad at me
you swear that’s no way that could have been her
okay babe, ill just look away
i musy have made some kind mistake
ill tell a lie because that’s what you want
i hate that you dont seem to see me
i hate this endless waiting
please let go of that girl now
why can you see the pain you give me
the sadness killing me more than you know
what does that bitch have that i dont- i dont get it
why cant you see that she doesnt deserve you babe
why cant you see that bitch is playing with you
she doesnt love you how can i make you understand

i hear how happy you can be talking about her
i know i wished this but babe please not with her
your friends all know what she is
her lips gently laid onto his
why cant you even see it?

you said that there’s no way you will hate her
it is so obvious why do you have to be so dumb
please, i ask of you, break it off.

i hate that you dont seem to see me
i hate this endless waiting
please let go of that girl now
why can you see the pain you give me
the sadness killing me more than you know
what does that bitch have that i dont- i dont get it
why cant you see that she doesnt deserve you babe
why cant you see that bitch is playing with you
she doesnt love you how can i make you understand




They are actually the reason why I am into this KPOP fandom. What the music they have, written by JYP, or by anyone else if they are the singers I will surely love it and it will keep replaying in my head. Without them I am no JYP Nation fan. So for all the inspiration and entertainment, this 6 beastly rugged talented gorgeous boys, I am forever thankful knowing you. I can’t wait for your comeback!