Bigbang MADE Tour in Manila Diary

Bigbang MADE Tour in Manila Diary

July 30, 2015 Since BIGBANG is currently kicking off the last leg of their world tour! I'd like to reminisce the experience of being able to watch them live for their M-A-D promotion. __________ It was the day that I’ve been waiting for! This was the second time that I saw Bigbang perform live.. but [...]

Why Waiting is Good

    You hold on because you know what it feels like to have it. It gave you each blood rushing and spine-chilling emotion no one could have ever given. It satisfies you in any way you dreamt of, fed the hunger and the thirst of your cells crying, as pores open, along with the [...]

Travel must haves, the K-drama way!

Korean way of travelling is a little different from the rest. Unless you are influenced by an Asian or Korean, one won't know how fun it is to travel the Korean drama way. So as summer is fast approaching,  here are some of the things a Korean drama fan must have when it comes to [...]

Seek first the kingdom, discover the gift…

[FMV] When Love Conquers Distance (Celebrating Sun&James' Wedding) from SUNlights WorldWide on Vimeo. South, Korea - Wonder Girls' leader and member Sun Ye tied the knots with Canadian-Korean missionary, James Park. So how am I going to sum up my feelings how God proves to be the best author of our life stories as well as [...]

God as the witness.

There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us [...]

the WINNER! GD Giveaway. One Of A Kind album!

After a month of receiving tweets and comments on my blog site, I chose the winner randomly and asked her to take a picture of the album itself as a proof. I ordered the package at KollectionK for all those who wanna order. Thanks to all those who joined! I'm going to give GD's ONE [...]

Penny for thoughts.

Treated like a lady, have some raining benjamins worth of spree and best silverware on your table for indulging... No, don't ever love or want someone because of acting like a parasite but because of a mutual feelings binded by love. You're way better than that and you might miss the right opportunity trying to take what [...]

BEST CONCERT blog: Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour in Manila

This is another dream concert for me. :")) First - Nevershoutnever concert (I SAW MY IDOL CHRISTOFER DREW!! <3) Second - A Rocket to the Moon Ayala Tour (NICK SANTINO BABY!!) And just last April I watched the major concert of THE MAINE in Sky Dome (yes they're my fave band ever!!) -- so nung [...]

G-DRAGON’s THAT XX ; That Bitch – Female side.

Cover of GD's THAT XX; Girl point of view. Credits: - Jung Sung Ha for guitar - missapplejacksx until the first chorus in lyrics THE REST OF THE LYRICS ARE MINE AFTER THE 1ST CHORUS EXCEPT THE CHORUS ITSELF. _______ i was just walking when i saw her standing there i wish that i'd been [...]


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 2PM! They are actually the reason why I am into this KPOP fandom. What the music they have, written by JYP, or by anyone else if they are the singers I will surely love it and it will keep replaying in my head. Without them I am no JYP Nation fan. So for [...]