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The silence is deafening. I didn't know what to do, but fear the dent it may bring to a glassful of love I believe should be kept forever.  For the first time, I feel I'm not secured... I feel I would lose and I just need to give up. I am not mad, but I [...]

When I Finally Find Love

When I Finally Find Love

I found you and I’ll never let you slip away.

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Dear Love,

You’re a tricky one, aren’t you? You’ve fooled me before, but don’t think that means I don’t believe in you. No matter how many colors my heart turns from being bruised and trampled, I haven’t lost my faith in you. No, I know you’ve pushed me because when I get to you. I’ll be ready, and it’ll be worth it.

When I find you, Love, I know yours will be the last eyes I’ll want to look into and that I’d feel agony by looking away. I know that from the moment I meet you, all my fears will be wiped clean. I won’t count the seconds it takes for us to get where we’re going, because all that will matter is knowing that we’ll be going together.

When I find you, Love, I know you’ll never let me go. You’ll hold on as if every moment between us is…

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The thing about happiness is that words aren't enough to express ecstasy; then if that's the case, I shall be mute. -KM

Travel must haves, the K-drama way!

Korean way of travelling is a little different from the rest. Unless you are influenced by an Asian or Korean, one won't know how fun it is to travel the Korean drama way. So as summer is fast approaching,  here are some of the things a Korean drama fan must have when it comes to [...]

Macbook nurse stethoscope decal.

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  He was the guy I despise the most; most people fall in love at first sight but I didn't. I hated him the first time I ever saw him. I treated him as a joke, because he treated me as a one.  Although I thought he was really smart (in fact, he really is), [...]