21 Things You Learn After One Year As A Sober 21-Year-Old

Turning 21 soon! 🙂 This is a point to ponder when reaching the maturity age 🙂

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A letter I’ll never send

A letter I’ll never send


Inside Letters

One of the main reasons I joined wordpress was because I needed something that would serve me as a journal. Sometimes when I couldn’t say the words, I find it easier to write them down.  Under any unexpected circumstance, if that one person ever comes across this letter, you’ll know this is meant for you. If that time comes, I will think of it as God’s will of letting you know what I once felt or still feeling for you. I may never have the courage to tell you directly. For that reason, I am writing and pouring my heart out and all these unspoken feelings on this letter I’ll never send.

To whom it may concern, 

I’ll start out by saying something so cliche but contains every ounce of truth…when I first met you, I had no idea you’d mean this much to me. You entered my heart unknowingly and all…

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