Two months ago I watched a Korean drama, entitled Oh My Venus! It is about a lady who gained weight due to the stress of becoming a lawyer. She then lost love and found it once again when she was trained by a super yummy Doctor/fitness coach. This is however not about the drama, but how I was [...]

Thoughts about the Manny Pacquiao issue:

NEWS: Manny Pacquiao says gay people are "worse than animals." I can't help but write about this growing issue, not that my opinion matters but because I want to share my opinion on this. First, I do not belong to those people who dislike gays or who are offended by LGBT community and practices. I [...]



Hello, guys! We have a week long university/school break after Valentine's weekend. They call it the reading week, but I (& most people) call it winter break. That does not mean I don't read my books, ok? I made plans when to read my books for my coming midterms. Anyways, since this is a week-long break [...]

Back To Cool


My Little Wonderwall

Last week, I bought this Colourpop “Back to Cool” Lippie Stix set. 12121222

I’m a Colourpop junkie ever since I’ve tried their Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick. So this box have 6 lippie stix inside.  It contains 4 mattes, 1 satin, and 1 creme. I’m so excited to try it all!


Actually, all the colors are fantastic and very wearable in your daily activities.

catsChoker –  pale almond nude in a creme finish (I love it I can use it if I have a dramatic eyeshadow, the lightest among the colors )

Baewatch– dusty rose in a matte finish (I feel like I will use this color everyday in the office) 

Mosh Pit– warm brown in matte finish (I’m obsessed with brown-toned lipstick! and I so love this color!!! “Kylie Jenner” kind of lips lol)

Out Of Sync– vibrant, hot pink in a matte finish (a fun color to wear especially on summer season) 

Too Sexy–…

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If there would be any shape that could symbolize love, undoubtedly it is heart. Due to the Valentine's season, heart shaped bags have been a trend from different brands, like Kate Spade, Kensie, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Indigo and a whole lot more. To my surprise, my boyfriend also got me one with his heart [...]



Every time the year turns to February, there is always a thought/day/event attached to it-Valentine's day! The month of flowers, gifts and loved ones. My Valentine's day went well, it won't be the same without having to spend the day with Ryan, my boyfriend. This is our third Valentine's day but as cliche as it may [...]



When I tell people that I am not into photography, the reaction I got from their face have always been the "you've got to be kidding me" look. For the reason that I am not into photography but I have few gadgets I use in taking pictures and videos. I am not contented with my [...]


#1 I've been wanting to blog about something, but I find my supplies for pictures not enough. There are just so many ideas going through my head, but I need to think more about it because once I blogged it, there's no turning back. I learned not to use Google images on my blog, as [...]


In you I find myself at ease, inhibiting chemicals and hormones that could trigger the pain I've been dying to free. If I could just consume you, all at once while I can, will it take the pain away or will it leave me wanting what's left of you?