I enjoyed watching this series that I didn’t notice that I’m near to its last episode. The plot is simple like the others gender binder thingy and some political stuffs from Joseon Dynasty, Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young have that chemistry and one thing that left me after watching its feel good funny ending is that I love Yoo Ah In so I’m going to watch Fashion King and I like Song Joong Ki and lastly, I’m a JYJ fan.

There’s no character you’ll not love maybe at the end you’ll learn but everything about this series is just so wonderful. My favorite episode is when Geol Oh/Moon Jae Shin knows Kim Yoon Shik is a girl! I swear, I love to see Geol and Yoon Shik end up with each other.


But I still love the ending though, especially the Joseon Quartet, damn they are all handsome! Even the antagonist president and her little sissy stalker. I love everything about this drama, even the OST.

DREAM HIGH 2’s REVIEW and DREAM HIGH 1 comparison

So I guess I have to be straight with this review and if you’ll agree to me or not is your choice. Having the name DREAM HIGH 2 which is obviously a second part of the first made people give a lot of expectations in the series.

Dream High2 didn’t get me in its first and second episode and so I have to be patient and wait for better episodes to come out. The comedy of Hae Sung’s character didn’t make me laugh at her instead her mistakes and story irritated me; to be honest, she’s my most hated character in this season. Moving to next episodes, Yoo Jin’s character is getting me with his story and the way Jin woon acts same with Rian who I’m supposed to hate but I really fell inlove with her character. JYPE’s soon to debut stars JR and JB did well since it’s their first time in everything. I guess, JYPE’s training really helped me.

There’s no way that people can prevent comparing Dream High 1 to this Dream High 2, so I made a lot of comparisons.

1. Dream High 1 is more focused on achieving dreams over love lines but Dream High 2  is more  focused on love, giving up dreams and finding a new one. But in the end, to where almost the whole story rotates about the Dream High love square, there isn’t any chance that someone ended up with someone! It’s like the reason why I got the craze is for nothing it was like the plot is useless.

2. In Dream High 1 the flavor of each factor to succeed mixed well, from friends, to family, to love but with Dream High2 everything is not constant.

3. Dream High 1’s plot is well prepared, Dream High 2 isn’t that much; take it as an example, JB was just waiting for Rian to come since it’s her birthday but Rian is with Yoo Jin’s company singing because she was forced by the fans, JB then hear Sora’s practice singing Hello To Myself and comforted her. The next day, Rian sang the song that Hae Sung composed and JB already liked and followed Hae Sung to the point of even chasing her. It’s like everything was rushed, so that it will develop love lines. The scriptwriter seems having fun confusing the audience, JB waiting for Rian at the hospital giving tulips, JB holding Rian’s hand when Sora left her, Yoo Jin and Rian sweet moments and JB’s constant asking of “Are you two dating?” where in the end none of the problems were answered. Lastly, it is like a story within a story, Dream High 1 Song Sam Dong’s character is always mentioned and obviously present in the story but the others aren’t like Hye Mi when Suzy had a cameo are not.

4. Unlike Dream High 1; Dream High 2 is supposed to be achieving dreams, but almost all of the leads, lose the grip in achieving it: JB who was a hallyu star just become a producer, Si Woo who was also a popular star isn’t anymore, Hae Sung who want to be a singer, gave up singing and became a composer. Only Rian has achieved her dreams.

5. Dream High 2’s ending is like a copy cut to season 1’s ending. Yoon Baek Hee became a teacher, JR became a teacher; The director’s daughter became a teacher, the OZ entertainment’s CEO/director’s daughter became a teacher; Hye Mi’s sister enrolled Kirin, Hye Sung’s sister enrolled Kirin. The only difference is you know Sam Dong and Hye Mi ended up though it was like a long distance relationship and season 1 answered all the problems.

But I’m not saying that Dream High2 is a bad series, coz I seriously got the hype to wait every Monday and Tuesday to watch the performances, the love square and cameos. I was actually hoping all the leads from season 1 to have a cameo especially 2PM’s Taecyeon but it never happened, all their performances and cover are amazing that I always download it and the love square between the four leads that got me hooked to ship JB and Rian from the start then switched to Yoo Jin and Rian. If the ending was able to answer everything I probably liked the series. But for the cameos, cover performances and OST, I have to say Dream High 2 matched Dream High 1.

I think Dream High 2 is about failing to meet your dream but not making it a hindrance to be able to dream for something new again.

If this series wasn’t called DREAM HIGH, probably this review wont be like this. It goes with the name and the history, i guess.


update: FROM A SOURCE DREAM HIGH 2 WILL BE AIRED ON GMA while DREAM HIGH 1 WILL BE AIRED ON ABS-CBN. That’s just so weird. But it is not yet confirmed!


I once published my  Lego House cover and getting hooked to Dream High 2 made me match all those sweet scenes to Ed Sheeran‘s lyrics.

I really don’t like JB with Hae Sung and I would be proud to say I’m their loveteam’s anti so when JB started liking Hae Sung, I started liking Yoo Jin for Rian since both characters have more exposures and happy scenes.

As JYP Entertainment releases Together OST from the said series; I made this video where it is a little favor with Yoo Jin. But no matter who ends up with Jiyeon, is okay with me as long as she will end up with someone.

Check this music video!  TAKE NOTE OF THE WORDS AND SCENES.



The last time I dyed my hair; I was using Etude House Natural Brown color and now I’m here in Canada and need some touch-up for my hair color, I decided to use a western brand Nice and Easy, where they are both foam and almost every procedures are the same. The difference is just there’s a free body cover in Etude House and but Nice and Easy don’t, just gloves.

Well I used and I didn’t like the foam. So the hair color doesn’t reach the back part of my hair especially my hair is already attracted to each other that it is already hard to remove.

But so far, though this hair color is nothing compared to Etude House, here’s my new hair color.


I got no job yet and the lessons here are way too easy because I am a grade 12 high-school student again, when I am actually a Third Year College in the University of Santo Tomas before. Foodchains and companies aren’t calling me yet to hire me and aside from doing my homeworks and household choirs I do nothing. Eating, is something i have to control and evade so the only thing accompanies me is the world I have inside my laptop. My facebook friends in the Philippines, my followers and my twitter real life friends and lastly, Dream High 2 and Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal was aired last 2010 and so far, I am watching it just now. With Dream High 2, I am updated because every broadcast in South Korea, I wait for english subtitles and watch it just like other people.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal will be aired soon on ABS-CBN, before they air Dream HIgh. If I am not mistaken. On the other hand, ABS-CBN will have a lot of chance to air Dream High 2 since they will be airing Dream High 1. 

British domination in me.

My British domination starts when I started watching British Teen Drama, Skins. (Thanks to Apolla) And before getting hooked to One Direction which is very popular here in Canada, I first had a free fall for Ed Sheeran.

It was like months ago when I was bummed and randomly played any songs from Youtube and suddenly i was already listening all Ed Sheeran‘s songs. Then I started talking about to my friend, Rich and started downloading illegally the whole album and shared it to my pal, Apolla. Now we all like him, and one of Ed’s song entitle Lego House is included in a Philippine Radio station, RX 93.1’s hit chart~!

I am just so proud I have known this guy. Though I’m not ‘that’ Adele’s big fan, Ed got my heart for the Brit pop. 🙂

So this is my cover for his hit song, Lego House.



It was in Memories of Bali where Ha Ji Won was first seen in Philippine TV in ABS-CBN and just a year ago Lee Seung Gi was also known as Juan in the drama Shining Inheritance that was aired in GMA.

Their recent hit dramas have been aired opposite from where people have known them; Lee Seung Gi‘s My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho which won in the recent USTv awards was aired in ABS-CBN while Secret Garden which starred Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin was aired in GMA.

With all the station wars and even the korean actors and actresses like Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Jang Geun Suk, Kwon Sang Woo and Park Shin Hye are also becoming an exclusive artists for a local Philippine network because all of their dramas have been aired by only one station, I wonder who will be airing this much anticipated drama from these TWO top hallyu stars.