DREAM HIGH 2’s REVIEW and DREAM HIGH 1 comparison

So I guess I have to be straight with this review and if you’ll agree to me or not is your choice. Having the name DREAM HIGH 2 which is obviously a second part of the first made people give a lot of expectations in the series.

Dream High2 didn’t get me in its first and second episode and so I have to be patient and wait for better episodes to come out. The comedy of Hae Sung’s character didn’t make me laugh at her instead her mistakes and story irritated me; to be honest, she’s my most hated character in this season. Moving to next episodes, Yoo Jin’s character is getting me with his story and the way Jin woon acts same with Rian who I’m supposed to hate but I really fell inlove with her character. JYPE’s soon to debut stars JR and JB did well since it’s their first time in everything. I guess, JYPE’s training really helped me.

There’s no way that people can prevent comparing Dream High 1 to this Dream High 2, so I made a lot of comparisons.

1. Dream High 1 is more focused on achieving dreams over love lines but Dream High 2  is more  focused on love, giving up dreams and finding a new one. But in the end, to where almost the whole story rotates about the Dream High love square, there isn’t any chance that someone ended up with someone! It’s like the reason why I got the craze is for nothing it was like the plot is useless.

2. In Dream High 1 the flavor of each factor to succeed mixed well, from friends, to family, to love but with Dream High2 everything is not constant.

3. Dream High 1’s plot is well prepared, Dream High 2 isn’t that much; take it as an example, JB was just waiting for Rian to come since it’s her birthday but Rian is with Yoo Jin’s company singing because she was forced by the fans, JB then hear Sora’s practice singing Hello To Myself and comforted her. The next day, Rian sang the song that Hae Sung composed and JB already liked and followed Hae Sung to the point of even chasing her. It’s like everything was rushed, so that it will develop love lines. The scriptwriter seems having fun confusing the audience, JB waiting for Rian at the hospital giving tulips, JB holding Rian’s hand when Sora left her, Yoo Jin and Rian sweet moments and JB’s constant asking of “Are you two dating?” where in the end none of the problems were answered. Lastly, it is like a story within a story, Dream High 1 Song Sam Dong’s character is always mentioned and obviously present in the story but the others aren’t like Hye Mi when Suzy had a cameo are not.

4. Unlike Dream High 1; Dream High 2 is supposed to be achieving dreams, but almost all of the leads, lose the grip in achieving it: JB who was a hallyu star just become a producer, Si Woo who was also a popular star isn’t anymore, Hae Sung who want to be a singer, gave up singing and became a composer. Only Rian has achieved her dreams.

5. Dream High 2’s ending is like a copy cut to season 1’s ending. Yoon Baek Hee became a teacher, JR became a teacher; The director’s daughter became a teacher, the OZ entertainment’s CEO/director’s daughter became a teacher; Hye Mi’s sister enrolled Kirin, Hye Sung’s sister enrolled Kirin. The only difference is you know Sam Dong and Hye Mi ended up though it was like a long distance relationship and season 1 answered all the problems.

But I’m not saying that Dream High2 is a bad series, coz I seriously got the hype to wait every Monday and Tuesday to watch the performances, the love square and cameos. I was actually hoping all the leads from season 1 to have a cameo especially 2PM’s Taecyeon but it never happened, all their performances and cover are amazing that I always download it and the love square between the four leads that got me hooked to ship JB and Rian from the start then switched to Yoo Jin and Rian. If the ending was able to answer everything I probably liked the series. But for the cameos, cover performances and OST, I have to say Dream High 2 matched Dream High 1.

I think Dream High 2 is about failing to meet your dream but not making it a hindrance to be able to dream for something new again.

If this series wasn’t called DREAM HIGH, probably this review wont be like this. It goes with the name and the history, i guess.


update: FROM A SOURCE DREAM HIGH 2 WILL BE AIRED ON GMA while DREAM HIGH 1 WILL BE AIRED ON ABS-CBN. That’s just so weird. But it is not yet confirmed!

7 thoughts on “DREAM HIGH 2’s REVIEW and DREAM HIGH 1 comparison

  1. Still can’t find time to watch DREAM HIGH 2 though I really want to watch it! But after reading your post, parang ayaw ko ng panoorin! hehehe…


  2. hindi dapat ipalabas yan sa gma ““““““““`sa abs lang kse season 2 yan dream high 1 `txk nsa knila na nga ang started with a kiss tapos pte dream high 2…………..no way ` abs cbn lang yan dreamhigh 2


  3. I agree with this REVIEW! For me, as Korean Drama addict (I already have 89 Korean Drama DVD collection at home) I can say Dream High 1 is one of the BEST SERIES I have watched. Dream High 2 was just OK, the ending was fine but I’m not satisfied (I want the G-Minor Couple, Rian-Yoojin ENDED up but oh come on…) Yes, I enjoy the series but it’s really confusing, one thing they don’t do math about the time, only thing that leaves hope to me about the drama was Rian(Jiyeon) I think she’s the true lead star here (even she’s the mean first) she has the talent & the only one who achieve her REAL DREAM, Jiyeon saved the drama for me (but I would love it more if she ended with Yoojin) my goodness their chemistry is GREAT even they didn’t show some interest with each other, their connection was all just a BEST-BUDDIES, I love their cute scenes together, and when the Super Idol debuted as JB ask Yoojin-Rian “Are you two dating?” I am hoping that they really end up together but oh my…neither the two main couples ended up, they just all REUNITE, that leave me unsatisfied with the ending. (DREAM HIGH 1 ended so well, although Hyemi & Samdong haven’t seen for about 7 years, at least they showed us Hyemi & Samdong ended up (that’s what you called long distance relationship) and I know that day Hyemi’s 100th concert & Samdong being awarded at Grammy already fulfilled their DREAMS, bringing those glory & achievements towards each other. Hyemi is Samdong’s MUSIC, and Samdong is Hyemi’s HOPE…that’s so SWEET) I just hope Dream High 2 ended that way too. But since it ended that all, I was hoping for Dream High 3, I want the first season casts back all together with Jiyeon & Jinwoon (Rian-Yoojin) from season 2. They should start the story how it ended from both season, will Hyemi & Samdong meet again or will their DREAMS keep them apart? Then what about Rian & Yoojin, do Rian already move on over JB? I want them FALL IN LOVE with one another…..aaaahhhh…this series made me CRAZY!!!!


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