The Imperfections Of An Unrequited Love

(c) Poetry, Day Five: Imperfect

You were like a ray sunshine, and everything about you blinded me. I couldn’t surmise how the happiness I once felt turned into memory.Read More »

Five things I realized about “love” in my 20s

Love –  a four letter word that is most commonly used, with so many meanings and stories in it. While David Levithan defined love in one of his books as something not worth trying (based on how I understood it). I find love worth risking; it is worth all the time in the world that I wouldn’t mind getting it wrong because I can love more than once, yet to only find the best one in the finish line.

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DAY 1 OF 365

I cannot believe how much I’ve grown. By that, I meant to age.

As I write this blog, I cannot believe I’m already 23 and teenage years have gone by me. Yes! I am this old.

Growing old is something that I wanted to happen when I was 18; to take on responsibilities, have freedom and get all the things I want.

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