Coming Back Home <3

Like I said, I was out for repenting and realizing things I never thought before. These days are really a struggle to whether change or not. I was even tempted and gave in to it in just few days, but I’ll continue trying.


As my mind flash backed to the time when I was able to hear a pastor preaches about serving God. I then remember once serving God when I was in high school in Philippines. I forgot I was a member of campus ministry for 3 years before becoming a Korean pop dancer/singer during my UST days.

The campus ministry I had before is a little different since I was in a Catholic school, while the church I am at now is a Christian; they may not have a commentator but sure they do have a ministry. As long as both ministries work towards serving and worshipping God, the difference does not even matter to me now.

I realized I want to be used by God, and then the conflict about my parents and work along with the bills I need to pay came up to me. I wonder to whether give it a try or not as I do, I prayed to God to tell me and help me in making a decision because I swear it is as hard as rocket science.

This morning I read my devotion app, totally oblivious to what it means to me. Until hours after everything just synced in to me that the answer about my question to Him has been answered.


I am now certain to go follow His lead although I’m still unsure what ministry I want, it doesn’t matter anymore. I may not be the best, but as long as I can… sing, dance and a technology literate, I want my I cans to serve Him.

One way.

Western Canada Youth Summit is probably one of the best things that happened to me this 2014. I just feel so blessed to be able to participate in this event, meet few new friends and bond with my old pals. I was never really expecting anything when I came to the said camp. But I hope, I left the place as a new person with new views and purposes.

During the first day, I was really stoked! Everything was packed-up and all we need was just the ride, which took two hours to arrive on the meeting place. Never did I know that we, youths from Saskatchewan will be divided into to three buses (Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia), I could have chatted and played with Saskatchewan people before taking the bus than sleeping and bumming at the park.


In just a little time we already made friends [and crushes] with some youth from Alberta, they are much younger than us but it is like we’re of the same age. Maybe that’s because we’re just in one path and we only have one reason. Although it was really a tiring trip that we had to control our precious bladder from urinating for 2+ hours. At the end it is worth the wait as we already reached the summit site, had our supper, and met our roommates.

I seriously went head over heels to one of the worship leader from Manitoba! I am not even sure of my gender now. I am a little uncertain if I am allowed to tell her name, but she is really inspiring to all the youth. She’s like a package deal that everyone should be like her. She has a good job with a no-joke-university degree while using her talent in God’s glory. Looking how God uses her, I’m truly inspired to offer myself to the Lord and be of inspiration to others with my own talents and capabilities.

I did not mention her name but here’s our picture.


Second day was a little bit tiring yet surprising. My roommates and I are still in the page of getting to know each other, but we get closer as we share our personal devotions and life stories.


It is no secret that devotion was a bit struggle for me. I am not used to read my bible as I always have my self-excuse of having an app and Twitter to read verses. When we went to the summit, my poor Fido iPhone does not have any signal and so, I felt God was asking me to read the bible and so I did! Surprisingly it felt amazing to decipher for the first time the words in the bible.

The third day was the most fun of all days. We had a pastor that first did not make a good impression on me when he mocked Sto. Niño and Catholicism, which is my religion. All that I know was, we have one God, one Jesus… why mocked us? I cannot blame them if they won’t stop saying we’re worshipping idols though we are not. They are just not in our place that’s why they do not know that we are not worshipping ANYONE than God; a picture is the best example why we have images that others will not understand, but hopefully will. So going back, our pastor did not make a good impression but I was really moved by his words, he is very humorous but his words are striking that he never fails to make me think & reflect some things I have never thought before that is now making a huge change in me. 🙂


Via Gooogle
Via Gooogle

We also had a worship night, which is like a give back to everything God has made for me. I was blessed to be able to give thanks to God with all of me, I owe him too much and worship is nothing to all His sacrifices.

The last day made me think of how fast four days can be. It went by so fast; I did not even notice we’ve come that far. The excitement to see my parents and sleep for hours is inevitable; all that was in my mind was to go home until we had our last session. The last session was led by the same pastor I was talking about, as previously mentioned, Pastor has a way of making connections to me that I never felt before. I came to that session with temptations and sins but have come to leave the place without any burden and guilt feeling.

Via Google


The feeling of having everything surrendered was the best gift coming to God had given me in those days. I have nothing against past and all that was left were lessons that I learned and challenge to make it through temptations and trials. Knowing God is indeed a blessing and words are not enough for me to express how thankful and glad I am to be a part of this summit. 🙂

To the book I fell in love with…

Inside Letters

Okay. Where do I even start? It feels like my whole being is consumed by so many emotions all at once and the real world cease to exist. It’s been such a long time since I fell inlove with a novel that I almost forgot what that feeling felt like.

A good novel connects to its reader in a way that makes them feel like they are walking in the shoes of the characters; they feel their pain and joy; and the story lives in the reader’s heart and mind long after it has ended…but a good book never ends, it continues on forever in the hearts of those it has touched. The novel To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han embodies all of the above. If I could have a book as a soul mate, it would be this one. Through out the novel, I never…

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Character Clone

Inside Letters

Here are some reasons why Lara Jean(the character from the novel “To all the boys I’ve loved before”) and I are basically the same person.

1. Hoarders. Yes, we like keeping silly little things. I keep little notes from people, the wrapping of gifts given to me, the last gum my friend gave me before she moved away (weird right?), and many more silly things like those.

2. We’re not the ideal “perfect big sister.” Sometimes I’m the mastermind for trouble…I tease my siblings till they cry, and I do things that they get mad at me for. Nevertheless, I still love them with all my heart, just like how Lara Jean is to Kitty.

3. Attachment issues. Remember when she said she feels like she’ll never be done? That’s how I am too when it comes to love. It seems like my feelings will never go away and it…

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To All The Boys I Loved Before

First this won’t be a review because I’m waiting for my friend’s review on this book. She’s about to read this in a few days, so pardon me if I’ll be only posting what struck me and why I loved this novel.

Via Gooogle.



The first time I saw this novel, it already caught my eyes. It is not mine but it feels like telling my story on my behalf. I have totally done everything Lara Jean, the main character did, the only difference is I posted mine here in WordPress, I didn’t write any goodbye love letters.

I still remember how many crushes I had back in Elementary and High school when I was in Asia. Now I’ve come to realize that maybe it is all because he is out of reach or we’re too okay to be more than what I want. I also won’t forget how I fall for another guy, which was exactly like the first guy, it is still out of reach.

“You only like guys you don’t have a chance with, because you’re scared.”

– Peter Kavinsky


These excerpts from Peter made me appreciate the change I had, that I’m brave enough to let go and let my heart fall in love with my boyfriend now.

“Life doesn’t have to be so planned. Just roll with it and let it happen.”

– Peter Kavinsky


“It feels strange to have spen much time wishing for something, for someone and then one day, suddenly,to just stop”

– Lara Jean


Since this is not a review, all I can say is that I’m glad the story ended how it should be. It is very realistic about letting go and an eye opener that love is better real, than in the movies. Ciao.  ❤ ❥ ❣


If ever you find this confusing, to be honest my mind is still floating up in the air. You might as well just read the book too. 🙂

Reading is Red.

Hunger color RED is very visible on my site!

May everyone continuously get hungry over words and feed on thoughts to learn and relate. 🙂

My top 5 favourite Korean cosmetics!

Even though I might be far away from Asia I am still up to date to the trends in Korea most especially when it comes to fashion, drama and make-ups. Back then, buying a BB cream which is a distance near to me needs a little saving from my weekly allowance of 800 pesos, but now that I am working  while studying, I find it ironic that I have the money but I’m no longer accessible to my favourite cosmetics. So the thing when you do an online beauty shopping, you don’t get to try it if it suits you or not and returning isn’t as easy as riding a cab, you need an airplane!

Here are my top 5 list of must have Korean cosmetics, which are very ideal to everyday exposure to sunlight. stress and dust.


1. Beauty blender is the newest bandwagon in the West and Korea got one too in a very cute box, which will certainly make any customer have a second look. Aside from the packaging, this sponge is also an ideal make-up applicator. Imagine how many brushes does one need to apply a make up, when this sponge can just be all in one. It is really handy and easy to clean, perfect for any girls out there who are on the go!



2. This is the BB moisturizer. I don’t usually use it during the day since I have my Etude House base and Missha BB cream but this is really perfect to apply overnight. Without being too greasy and too heavy, you will be relaxed with its smell as it moisturizes your skin.


3. Tony Moly’s Aura set. Although I haven’t really tried this set, I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks about this Aura beam and Aura BB cream. In fact, Etude House just recently released their own Aura set with Tony Moly as its competitor. My favorite shopping site is also giving an Aura free trial kit as part of their promotions.


4. Etude House’s eyeliner is another must use! I always find myself wearing an eyeliner since this is the signature make-up in the Korean scene. You’ll either have it winged or thin, eyeliner is indeed a necessity.

IMG_00015. A spray of Etude house mist is great for a Korean like glow. This is not very advisable during summer, but really great in winter to keep your skin hydrated and protected from dust.

What are you waiting for? Google now and get yours too! Always remembers, Asian skin suits Asian cosmetics. 🙂 lmao.


Mothers know best


My mum asked me to stop yet I didn’t; then I was left alone doing something I’m not good at… I realized I should’ve just followed her.