New May Drama Lineups: Return of Lee Min Ho, JYJ Yoochun, Jang Nara, Yoon Eun Hye and Others to the Small Screen

I am just really excited for Lee Min Ho's come back! 🙂 I've been waiting for City Hunter since March but since it was moved... I have to wait for May. Yoon Eun Hye's Lie To Me, I am wishing that show all the best! ^^ I hope it will be aired also here in [...]


There’s this guy who’s keep on bugging me these days. I just can’t sleep because of thinking of him, I eat too much because of I am stressed because of him. But let me remind, whoever reads this! This is my blog and if this is what I feel, I am asking you to bear [...]


There’s this girl who is actually a childish one and has a great love for foreign stuffs especially those of Asians like Koreans, Taiwanese, Thai, and even Chinese. This girl had a relationship three times, but only one of them happened to be a serious one, even at least for her. What’s the matter with [...]

YONG HWA AND SHIN HYE’S Festival drama update

FANS OF THE 'YONGSEO' and 'SUKKIEHYE' COUPLE MUST WATCH AND SUPPORT THIS SHOW. Though, at first I was annoyed, because this drama is one of the reasons why the YongSeo couple must be seperated, and after getting too hooked to Jang Geun Suk - Park Shin Hye team up... as they fangirl. I decided to [...]

The “Yongseo Couple” comes to an end on We Got Married 2

GOODBYES HAVE NEVER BEEN EASY. And I can't believe that I haven't seen the ending ( coz I dont want to) but I stillfeel the sadness as I read the article form soompi. As they ended, I made a simple tribute for my favorite couple. 😦 <br> The song Yong Hwa composed for Seo Hyun [...]

CONFIRMED: The Main Cast of the Hong Sisters Upcoming Drama Best Love

It's just too sad, that Lee Seung Gi was the first choice for the lead character here, yet for some reasons he dropped this drama. But still, because I love hong sisters, i am still anticipating for this drama a lot :"> Especially, it is like a We Got Married in a drama. 🙂 _______________________________________ [...]