There’s this girl who is actually a childish one and has a great love for foreign stuffs especially those of Asians like Koreans, Taiwanese, Thai, and even Chinese. This girl had a relationship three times, but only one of them happened to be a serious one, even at least for her. What’s the matter with this girl; she can never give her heart to anyone else because for her there’s only one guy who holds her heart.

This girl happens to fall for a Filipino-Chinese boy when she was grade 2. That thing may sound like a puppy love but I bet you have to think thrice? Going back, this grade 2 boy will be kept in the name SONNY. So this Sonny, happened to be her closest guy friend, play, teased, laugh, and teach… all the entire child thingy they’ve done before. When they were grade 3, someone did badly to the girl and accused her for breaking a bracelet, this guy named Sonny was like a knight-in-shining armor; defends the girl and comforted her in that darkest time. The girl knows that this Sonny likes her since grade 3, oh well, because this lead girl was really cute and charming way back those years, but I am not saying she looks miserable now. As what I was saying, the girl felt that this Sonny likes her, but still you cannot judge and conclude. They turned grade 4, and the whole story started.

So he likes her! Yes, everyone knows. The adviser, the class president, the vice president, to the weakest link in the class. They are the hottest couple of the class! But since she’s a child it was not a big deal.  They play games, run to there and that even going to the high school department, just to spend time in such a childish way.

In an English class, their teacher asked them to write a letter for a friend. This funny Sonny said, “Hey, What’s your address? I’ll give my letter to you for Teacher Nina’s…” blah… blah… blah… By the way, this girl’s mom is a teacher on their the same school and let’s keep it in Teacher Nina’s name, she’s a math teacher and Sonny happened to be one of his best and favorite student before. So that was his alibi, for this girl’s mom’s sake? And the clueless girl gave her address…

He’s cellphone number is the only number she had. She don’t have any cellphone so she’s just using her dad’s phone to communicate with her friend, Sonny. When her grandmother died, and she can’t attend class the next day, she only texted him that she can attend to class and tell him all her sentiments and sadness that she losts her grandmother.

She’s on the province, mourning for the death of her grandmother when her dad went back in Manila to work. Her dad passed by their house, and got Sonny’s letter (project) to her daughter… along with that are 2 other letters who are also a project her daughter received. She’s sleeping when she got the letter, feeling sleepy she read the letter and kept it again. The only phrase the girl could remember was, “I WANT YOU TO BE MY BESTFRIEND…” If the girl could only go back again to that time she must have memorized the whole letter and keep it properly, because with all her regrets, she lost the letter. Of all the letters she received, Sonny’s letter was lost.

After a week of mourning, everything must go back to its actual world. She texted Sonny she’ll be back, but not detailed; when and what day. So this Sonny missed her so much and he thought she would literally be back on a Monday, the start of a week. He really prepared for it, brushes his hair up and putted a gel, for him to look good. Everyone on the class noticed it, and of course, who wouldn’t think of the reason for his sudden change of look. Sadly, this stupid girl, was absent and missed the chance of seeing the romantic Sonny in his new look. But perseverance of our Sonny is still high, he did the same thing on the Tuesday, and luckily this lucky girl is already present! Urgh! More than saying condolence, all of her classmates talks about what Sonny did the day before? And she was like, shy… That situation just concludes to her all the rumors of him liking her. They’ve been saying “Hey, he writes your name on my autograph as his crush” and showed into her. Her mom telling her, “I’ve got a chocolate form Sonny, take it, I know it’s for you.” … “I’ve got a bag from Sonny, use it”    That day, concluded everything.

He calls her “Kring”, coz he knows from her mom that that’s the how they call her at home. As a revenge of his tease, she called her “dingdong” since his name sounds literally as “dingdong”.

Until one day, a Taiwanese series was aired, the title was METEOR GARDEN. I bet you know this. That was the girl’s first love… first love for a show. That show open up her mind with the thing called LOVE. She became evasive and shy to Sonny until they don’t talk and play the way they did before. Until, Sonny ‘s admiration was given to a girl in the higher level.

That time, she realizes how she likes him and what she had let go. She watched him and her talk to each other. Their fans classmate before turned out to be their fans. Her feeling were kept in her heart, until she graduated gradeschool and turned High-school.

When he had his first girlfriend, she was there, they aren’t talking anymore… nor greet each other a hi or hello. But the girl’s feeling never fades, it has always been there. When her first girlfriend and him broke up, she was there. When he courted the girl again when they are sophomores, she’s still there. Loving him in silence, yet this time was different. She acted like a friend to him and that day onwards, marks the continuation of the friendship they once had, for her. They fought for almost a year, 10 months to be exact, make up again when they were Junior high-school and continue with what they had when they were grade school. He became his friend-nemy. He teased her non-sense, that of you’ll look at them you’ll love their teasing that actually looks like bullying. That never ends until Senior high-school, where Sonny fall for the girl’s closest friend. Of course, she is her friend, and she is his friend. She became their best fan and supporter truthfully and sincerely.

They were his closest and most loved person other than his parents and family. She is sad, when their relationship is in waves. She is happy when they are in clouds. She loved them together and wishes him and her the best that they will stand strong. But there’s still the fact that can’t be erased that there’s the feelings she is keeping inside her heart and to prove that it’s no child love nor admiration she let him to be happy, well she can’t do anything as well than to support them.

On the other hand, she had her first boyfriend, she don’t really love the boy it was just pure crush feeling but Sonny’s absence from her presence teach her to learn to love this boy. Sonny’s presence as a friend was well felt when she have a feeling of mistrust. She let Sonny spy her boyfriend, in their team Sonny watches her boyfriend, in the online world, Sonny gave her Yahoo Messenger password to caught the boy, he also gave her Friendster password for the same reason. So her dearest boyfriend was like, what’s with this Sonny, is he stalking me or what?

When they had a misunderstanding, Sonny was there to read her stupid crazy hate blogs of her boyfriend. When her boyfriend passed the corridor he’ll look at him then look at her quietly. He didn’t know she can see everything.

But that’s pure friendship, because he’s in a special relationship with her friend. When the girl and his boyfriend broke up, aside from the girl’s girlfriends who comforted her, he was there. He doesn’t have money to buy a load for his cellphone but he asked a load just to text and comforts her. Those 5 messages he sent is kept in her cellphone and really comforted her.

He then texted this girl, with, “Any movie you want to watch in the theaters now?” Oops! He’s still in a relationship with her friend, this shows how she and her friend are. She answered, “Why?” then to make this story short. Her friend, was annoyed ate her that she and Sonny had a date while they can’t but still before they had that date, she visited seek permission to her friend. They watched Shake Rattle Roll X, drank Zagu together, play an unknown Tom’s World game, ate Tokyo Tokyo… she really had fun and totally forgot the pain of her first break up. How could she couldn’t forget the break-up’s pain when she’s with the guy she loved for the past years truthfully? How could she couldn’t forget the break-up’s pain when that moment she was like flying in the clouds? How could she couldn’t forget the break-up’s pain when it’s like the happiest day of her life and she could die already after that day. (December 30, 2008)

The girl had secret relationship, and a fling but none of those could make her happy. It’s like someone holds her heart and she can’t give it to anyone else.

Her friend and Sonny break – up, and of course she is there for her friend, wanting to fix their relationship she really admired. Until now, she still hopes the same. She couldn’t be happier for her friend if they will get back together.

They are already college, studying in different universities, and they meet occasionally in a year. No matter how long they hadn’t seen each other, the bond is still the same though he really matured in attitude. She still loves him. Her friend still loves him. She and her friend both love him.

She explores life happily then one day, there’s a transferee to their department who’s a pure Chinese. This Chinese boy was extremely boastful, and annoying… let’s keep his name in Allen. The first time she laid her eyes on him, she already know that she likes him, when they approached him, he extremely think of himself too high that he even scolded her and her friend. She once hated this Allen so much secretly, but when he got to know this Alex, she falls for him more than how she was admired by him when she first saw him. This Alex, was a lot like Sonny… in every aspect, in all the goals and outlook in things. (The end)

By: Krizia Maranan

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