If there would be any shape that could symbolize love, undoubtedly it is heart.

Due to the Valentine’s season, heart shaped bags have been a trend from different brands, like Kate Spade, Kensie, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Indigo and a whole lot more. Read More »

Korean fashion straight from Korea.

I’ve been buying anything I like online and I’ve decided to take another step and try buying something from Asia, like Korean-styled hoodies and so I visited¬† Sammy Dresses¬†which I have known for decades. Yes their items are really cheap! Imagine buying a hoodie for 9 dollars? That’s a good deal but hey that’s not the end of expenses because there’s a shipping fee you have to pay like how would you receive your order, eh?

Here’s what I bought that I received after a month of waiting. (All the way from South Korea)