THE DARE: Life without Facebook

And yes! Facebook is a no big deal thing but one of most want vice or luxury or may be called leisure. I just don't know how to call this social network. There's nothing important to do on Facebook; update your wall with the newest events or feelings you have, chat with some friends who are [...]

t-Ara’s Jiyeon eye make-up

I assume all those who will be reading this blog if not a Queen [t-Ara's fan club] has probably seen Jiyeon on Dream High 2 and also liked her eye make-up like me! (click here for my DH2 review) And right below is my favorite Jiyeon eye make-up tutorial from Youtube! It's the easiest and best [...]

Miss A’s SUZY eye make-up

I highly recommend this youtube video for Suzy's eye make up tutorial! Coz this is so simple and you can use it anytime. anywhere just like Suzy.   Well this make up is from Dream High and I know it is so 2011 but still Suzy is still seen having the same style. So here [...]

Adidas’ Original by Jeremy Scott and KPOP

Cute, funky yet sexy and unique... that's what Korean fashion is and if there's someone who is well known for that design, it will be Jeremy Scott  who is an American fashion designer born in Kansas City, Missouri. Recently Korean girl groups 2ne1 and Wonder Girls have been showing their friendship with this International designer and [...]


How would one say everything she feels to that one person who feels so unreachable but seems not? Will this be love or obsession or admiration. Lyrics:  It’s raining again Maybe you’re out there Somewhere.. with your RUBBER BOAT Fearless about anything Just letting the water flows Can you imagine how crazy I am Looking [...]


do you still know how’d you make my terrible days even more disaster that i speak low so our eyes won’t have to meet each other   it is no secret i’m deeply blinded by every look your eyes give and i’d never want to regret that feeling like a drug i was once addictive [...]


I've reached a point in my life that I realize that God is making me take the longest and possibly loneliest path in my life. Everything I was and I used to have is so much different from what is now. This can't be a choice coz I'm always making His 'will' work, I just [...]