Adidas’ Original by Jeremy Scott and KPOP

Me wearing the JEREMY SCOTT jacket which was worn by SM, JYP and YG stars!
(Me, centered)

Cute, funky yet sexy and unique… that’s what Korean fashion is and if there’s someone who is well known for that design, it will be Jeremy Scott  who is an American fashion designer born in Kansas City, Missouri. Recently Korean girl groups 2ne1 and Wonder Girls have been showing their friendship with this International designer and that caught my attention when one of my bias, Miss A’s Suzy posted a picture of herself wearing one of the Scott designs.

Suzy for for this women’s adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Tailed Track Top, the designer turns his attention to the backside of the iconic adidas Superstar track top. A long slit that leads to extended tails lends a soft, fluid feel to the cropped cut. (Cr:Adidas)

Aside from 2ne1 and Wonder Girls, a lot of kpop stars have been wearing Adidas original designs like Bigbang, T-Ara, JJ Project and even SNSD! Here’s Taeyeon wearing the same jacket together with Suzy’s cut from drama, BIG. (Cr: Allkpop) 

Suzy and Taeyeon both showed off their cute charms with their choice of a striped blue jacket that is speckled with stars

And after reading some articles from, Adidas endorser and 2ne1 member would not miss the chance to wear this starry trend for kpop stars!

CL along with Jeremy Scott wearing the starry jacket

And if anyone is interested buying this jacket same like Suzy and Taeyeon, hit this link! Because after this month’s pay day, I will surely be ordering one for myself.

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