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I’m currently reading a Murakami Novel! Yayy! I had to stop reading Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage before, yet due to some reasons I wanted some gloomy/dark literature read so yes, I’m reading it now!

Two literature papers and this blog
I’m surprised by myself that I have the guts to do this when in fact I have two papers due!!!

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I just finished watching the Korean drama, Can We Get Married on Netflix! It was supposed to be my pastime drama, but I ended up liking it, to the point that I almost got addicted. What I like most about this drama, is that it demonstrated the reality of relationships, which include family, friends, and self-growth.

I listed the few things I learned from it, below:

  1. Love is not only about love

In the story, couples Jung-Hoon and Hye-Yoo plans to marry. What they don’t know is that marriage is not only about them. Thus, marriage requires three families; his family, her family and both of them.

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Unexpected fangirl!ing over a stranger.

And yes, I don’t know his name. I just googled Flower Boy Next Door and his picture appeared.

No, I haven’t seen Baker King, that was a GMA Korean Drama.

But then again, yes, this guy is so totally adorable not from the first glance but the next glances you’ll gonna give him; you’ll find him cute. Lastly, all the guys can be paired with Park Shin Hye and one will start seeing unicorns and rainbows. That’s a fact!

LEE SEUNG GI & PARK SHIN HYE’s huge chemistry.

It is just a small screen in Youtube where I have seen them together, the first time was both of them dancing Lee Seung Gi‘s single, Will You Marry Me, second was Park Shin Hye’s cameo on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho  and the third time is the recent release of their MV for Alone in Love. I never thought that such a small screen can give me a huge impact from their chemistry!



And please, don’t say you don’t agree with me when I say these two hallyu stars must have a series together!

You can watch the video here! (Cr: Uploader)




Just a week before leaving the country, my friends and I visited the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines which is located in Global City; Just near St. Luke’s Med.; so for some readers who are planning to go there with no spoiling intention meant here are the things to look forward to!

HOW TO GO THERE: For us, we went to Trinoma and took a ride at the MRT station going to Ayala Avenue. From there, we ride a Korean-like bus and take a few walk to reach the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines.

  • Learn to ask when you are commuting. We asked about 5 persons just to get there.

Our first impression, it was like the YG Entertainment Building! But only to find out that the KCC itself is located at the second floor. If you’ve seen documentary shows featuring KCC with human sized K-POP artists, you’ll be disappointed like us. Because we didn’t see anything like that, because according to them it was a part of their exhibit that happened last November.

  • Bring your ID to be able to enter. MUST HAVE!
GLOBAL CITY, really disciplined city,
Looks like YG Ent. Bldg.

The staff and the people there are so hospitable and kind. They let us enter to their kitchen rooms where Korean cooking class is taking place and their Auditorium-like place where Korean performances are held.


If there is one place there that we could enter, it is the library. The librarian there was not that talkative since he’s a male, but when he knew we are Thomasians, he tends to talk and tell so much stories. Well, he graduated from the University of the Philippines and he’s the only person who has the sore control to that special library. He’s the cataloger, acquisitionist, and head librarian.  He knows Korean and he talks to the Korean peeps there like he is one of them. He’s actually the one who’s buying the collections there from South Korea, which makes us envy him!

The library has a lot of Korean books, from the century typed books, to fashion, k-pop, Korean art & foods. Name it! All about Koreans, they have it. But what stricken us the most is their AUDIO-VISUAL collection where almost all of the hit Korean Movie dvds are there, even the Korean dramas, but recent dramas aren’t there yet. Maybe, if it already hit the Philippine TV, they will be going to purchase it.

DVD’s and K-POP cd’s can be watched there. If you want to borrow you can borrow it for only 100 pesos, making the librarian propose a rule that these materials will not be allowed to borrow because of the fact that one might not return it. So, as you read this, the rules there might have changed already.

Click the pictures for larger view.

Check out our fandom in the KCC!

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Greetings from 2PM and b2st: Credits to the uploader.

Don’t just be contented reading and looking at the pictures! Experience it by yourself.


Hayate The Combat Butler is another Chinovela / Taiwanese series to watch for; with its comical plot, fast phased story, easy to like characters, and catchy OST one who’ll watch will surely love this another manga adaptation from Taiwan.

At first, I never thought Park Shin Hye and George Hu have that nice chemistry! George Hu looks like a cute teenager matches he’s character, Xiao Sa (Li Qing Sa) very well. Park Shin Hye on the other hand has a very lovable and child –like face especially when she’s acting like a brat in the story.

Park Shin Hye’s character, Xiao Zhi supposed to have unlovable attitude but I can’t help but love Park Shin Hye in this drama. As always from Stairway to Heaven til now she got me with her acting. Though the story is a lot like Heartstrings; Girl likes boy thingy… Park Shin Hye has given a different flavor in this drama.

George Hu who I have seen in Romantic Princess is another catch! With that look he portrayed well as a loyal, sometimes pitiful butler. Another character who got me was Maria, I don’t know her nor haven’t seen her in the past dramas but she’s a good twist to the story and how she acted from being good to being mean and back to being good.

The OST of this drama is another factor to appreciate the plot. Even after watching the said series, I’ve been hearing the songs play in my brain; has a real huge impact, isn’t it?

For so long, I haven’t watched a Chinovela / Taiwanese drama, and this series makes me remember all the feeling I had before when I was watching Meteor Garden and other dramas from Chinese & Taiwanese.

For the readers, I recommend to watch this adaptation, though I seriously haven’t seen the anime version and haven’t read the Manga, this is worth watching; it has a love story, it is comical, family tied story and makes all girls wish to fall in love over and over again.

PS: If George Hu isn’t a Taiwanese, I will gladly ship for this couple. 🙂


If Park Shin Hye‘s recent dramas will be aired on ABS-CBN just like Heartstrings & Hayate The Combat Butler (/via; Her leading man in He’s Beautiful, Jang Geun Suk is also another solid Kapamilya! After “Marry Me, Marry“, his new show that will be aired early 2012 in Korea, Love Rain was bought by ABS-CBN to air in Philippines. Along with the Asia Prince is the Princess of the SNSD, Yoona.

From the same source, here’s the picture teaser of LOVE RAIN for ABS-CBN!



/ via @allkpop


I just wanna share my opinion about this conversation of Jang Gen Suk & Park Shin Hye that happened on Twiiter! All thanks to Park Shin Hye International Org. for the translation! You can follow them by clicking this. I’ve been following them since I became a fan of Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful.

I was just in a crazy stage after seeing the ‘사랑해’ which means ILoveYou that Geun Suk replied to Shin Hye. I don’t care whattype of Love is that, but im so happy with those words.

But I was kinda sad, reading Geun Suk’s tweet about deleteing his Twitter account. 😐 Seriously.



[11/12 @ssinz and @AsiaPrince_JKS]
Shin Hye: You’re My Pet premiere!! Keun-suk oppa really put in a lot of affection into filming the movie… Although oppa is always driven crazy by crazy comments, he is still a great oppa.. Hmm.. You’re My Pet daebak>_<
너는펫 개봉!! 너는펫 보면 근석오빠가 정말 엄~청나게 애정을 가지고 찍었다는게 느껴진다.. 가끔 폭트땜에 언팔할까말까 고민하게만드는 오빠지만.. 참 멋지고 대단한 오빠라는거..흠.. 너는펫 대박나라>_<

JKS: I love you 사랑해

Shin Hye: What I did was great, right? 나 잘했어>_<?

JKS: Perfect!!!! 완전!!!!

*Note: Shin Hye’s message was an indirect reply to this:

11/12 @AsiaPrince_JKS I met a lot of people in a place called Twitter, which claims to connect people from all around the world. And then, I experienced a lot in this place. But I cannot accept the crooked truth anymore.. Tomorrow midnight, I will close down twitter.. people who really want to play with me please come to JKS app.

Credited as indicated above.

Korean drama, ‘Heartstrings’ same scenes with You’re Beautiful & We Got Married?

I’m now in the 12th episode of Heartstrings and the sweet scenes Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye are portraying (Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin) makes my mind remember some scenes from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful & We Got Married‘s YongSeo.

First and foremost, I am a great fan of Park Shin Hye and I don’t have any intention to bash her with Yongseo pictures.  I just want to show some scenes, I was talking about.

Let’s begin with the scene of Go Mi Nam & Shin Woo from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful to HeartstringsLee Gyu Won & Lee Sin moment.

HAHAHA! Now, you know what I mean.

The next pictures, to come is from YongSeo‘s marriage in We Got Married.



Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin before going to school date.

Yong Hwa & SeoHyun Japan date.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won.

Yong Hwa and Seohyun.

Please mind observing the guitar from the two pictures.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won

Yong Hwa & Seohyun

I won’t be making any conclusion, with these pictures. It is up to your naughty minds what to think. But I love to see Yong Hwa’s character, Lee Sin in Heartstrings driving a car! He really learned to have a car aa. And Park Shin Hye is really a great actress, she acts like everything’s real.

Until here. I suggest for those readers, to watch Heartstrings. It is a nice feel drama that would make a teenager fall in love.



Putting my theorize pictures to other blog sites would be fun but please know how to give credit. Check my tumblr, I’m updating picture blogs there! CLICK HERE!

PARK SHIN HYE: A role model.

She got the looks, she got the talents, and lastly SHE HAS THE HEART.

After ending the Youth – mellow drama; Heartstrings, actress, Park Shin Hye went to Ghana to feed children and be a worth modelling idol.

pictures / via @PSH_IFC TWITTER.

It was really visible to the pictures, how she acts naturally and how good – hearted is she. It is seldom seeing celebrities and idols doing this charity.

This is one reason, why I never lose energy liking and supporting her.

Another thing, since his friend from You’re Beautiful, Jang Geun Suk made a Twitter account, my heart has been pondering seeing them exchange tweets to each other. I’ve been a shipper for more than a year and as long as I can see how close they are. Everything’s all right.


Actor Jang Geun Suk has shown off his close friendship with Park Shin Hye.

On September 16th, Jang Geun Suk revealed a text message sent from Park Shin Hye and tweeted, “This little bugger“. The text message sent from the actress read, “Oppa, I lost all my contacts while I was upgrading my phone. Send me numbers“.

Previously, Park Shin Hye had tweeted “While I was upgrading my phone, everything got deleted. I just woke up from my sleep hahaha. Ah, so sad. Ah, daebak. Ahahahahk“, to which Jang Geun Suk replied, “Awkward“.

After viewing this interaction, Netizens have commented “You two play well with each other“, “The text message seems friendly“, and “You guys are cute“.

Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye are said to have become good friends since filming the 2009 SBS drama, ‘You’re Beautiful‘.

Source + Photo: Star News via Nate