Korean drama, ‘Heartstrings’ same scenes with You’re Beautiful & We Got Married?

I’m now in the 12th episode of Heartstrings and the sweet scenes Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye are portraying (Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin) makes my mind remember some scenes from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful & We Got Married‘s YongSeo.

First and foremost, I am a great fan of Park Shin Hye and I don’t have any intention to bash her with Yongseo pictures.  I just want to show some scenes, I was talking about.

Let’s begin with the scene of Go Mi Nam & Shin Woo from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful to HeartstringsLee Gyu Won & Lee Sin moment.

HAHAHA! Now, you know what I mean.

The next pictures, to come is from YongSeo‘s marriage in We Got Married.



Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin before going to school date.

Yong Hwa & SeoHyun Japan date.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won.

Yong Hwa and Seohyun.

Please mind observing the guitar from the two pictures.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won

Yong Hwa & Seohyun

I won’t be making any conclusion, with these pictures. It is up to your naughty minds what to think. But I love to see Yong Hwa’s character, Lee Sin in Heartstrings driving a car! He really learned to have a car aa. And Park Shin Hye is really a great actress, she acts like everything’s real.

Until here. I suggest for those readers, to watch Heartstrings. It is a nice feel drama that would make a teenager fall in love.



Putting my theorize pictures to other blog sites would be fun but please know how to give credit. Check my tumblr, I’m updating picture blogs there! CLICK HERE!

8 thoughts on “Korean drama, ‘Heartstrings’ same scenes with You’re Beautiful & We Got Married?

  1. I noticed there are a number of references to WGM goguma couple. When Seok Hyeon goes to Catharsis the first time after being told that an ‘idol’ would be performing, he expresses his disappointment at the amateur band, the Stupid, by saying he expected at the very least SNSD. In episode 9, when LeeShin takes GyuWon’s hand, they are Saying things like “tell me your wish” and “shall I tell you my wish?” and I really can’t tell for sure but “pumpkin” in Korean seems to sound alot like “goguma” or sweet potato.


  2. I have some information to add to your blog. Lee Sin and Gyu Won’s mother-father relationship is similar to You’re Beautiful. Lee Sin’s mom married Sin’s dad b/c Gyu Won’s dad chooses Gyu Won’s mom and not Sin’s mom. Very similar to You’re Beautiful wherein Tae Kyung’s mom had complicated relationship with Mi Nam’s dad and in the long run Mi Nam’s dad chooses her mom. Finally even how complicated the parents situations were their children still chose to love each other. Isn’t it amusing? PLUS THE FACT the characters are with the same actress (Park Shin Hye). There’s another drama that I noticed similar to this, I just can’t remember it.


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