If not because of Park Shin Hye; FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR Review

Really this drama's story is really slow paced and non exciting. The only reason I tried hard to watch this is because of the Manager eyebag girl's lovestory and Park Shin Hye that I really like a lot, other than that, this drama is just a typical drama nothing new to offer but an entertainment.

REVIEW: Nice Guy/Innocent Man

And you've probably seen Sungkyunkwan Scandal, got familiarized with Yeorim, Song Joong Ki's character in that gender bender comedy drama; now Song Joong Ki recently concluded highly rated melodrama, Innocent Guy has finished and I'm in front of my laptop summing up all the ideas and feelings I could write to make this review. And [...]

BEST CONCERT blog: Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour in Manila

This is another dream concert for me. :")) First - Nevershoutnever concert (I SAW MY IDOL CHRISTOFER DREW!! <3) Second - A Rocket to the Moon Ayala Tour (NICK SANTINO BABY!!) And just last April I watched the major concert of THE MAINE in Sky Dome (yes they're my fave band ever!!) -- so nung [...]


JUNE 2011, BIGBANG's Daesung has an accident with a motorcyclist around 1:30 am that causes the death of the later. Fast forward to JULY 2012, 2PM's Nichkhun was involved in an accident around 2:30 am. My fear now is what happened to Bigbang's activities last year might happen to 2PM now. The difference is the [...]


Consistent laughs and love lines. Magical or Drama. Romantic and Comedy.  Gender bender or fantasy. Hong Sisters drama are really one of the best dramas aired in Korea that gained high ratings. Every year they come up with a different series that will surely catch Asia's heart. There's not a chance that I didn't like [...]

IF I WAS YOUR CIGARETTE. (Original music)


I'm a high-school student here so I'm living like a high-school though I'm a college way back home I still do felt like one but in a different world where you are starting anew getting an inspiration from even small things is fun and entertaining especially living a life exactly like mine where I have to balance school stuffs and work. Meaning behind the song. -- Cigarette symbolizes the what ifs for someone who seems so different to everyone in a first world country is becoming a typical guy when he's smoking his cigarette. chords: verse - G - Dsus4 - Em7 - Cadd9 chorus - G - Cadd9 - G - Dsus4 they wear low pants and wide shirts you wear it plain with jeans i never like their piercings and you ain't got one and clean the ideas feeding in your brain is as many as the ink they got on their skin your arms are bare seem not to care oh dear chorus: what it is like if i was your cigarette the breath you take, the one that makes you and them the same i'd be the smoke filling your head if i could be your cigarette face down, hands in your pocket saw you in your same red jacket another time, another pack i'll take my chance, no more held back so take a drag and tell me (repeat chorus 2x)


It was in Memories of Bali where Ha Ji Won was first seen in Philippine TV in ABS-CBN and just a year ago Lee Seung Gi was also known as Juan in the drama Shining Inheritance that was aired in GMA. Their recent hit dramas have been aired opposite from where people have known them; [...]

LEE SEUNG GI & PARK SHIN HYE’s huge chemistry.

It is just a small screen in Youtube where I have seen them together, the first time was both of them dancing Lee Seung Gi's single, Will You Marry Me, second was Park Shin Hye's cameo on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho  and the third time is the recent release of their MV for Alone in [...]


Aside from the long awaited BigBang comeback, my bias female group, MISS A is having a comeback late this February. Just by seeing allkpop's teaser cuts from their comeback just excites me!


Just a week before leaving the country, my friends and I visited the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines which is located in Global City; Just near St. Luke’s Med.; so for some readers who are planning to go there with no spoiling intention meant here are the things to look forward to! HOW TO [...]