IF I WAS YOUR CIGARETTE. (Original music)

I’m a high-school student here so I’m living like a high-school though I’m a college way back home I still do felt like one but in a different world where you are starting anew getting an inspiration from even small things is fun and entertaining especially living a life exactly like mine where I have to balance school stuffs and work.

Meaning behind the song.
— Cigarette symbolizes the what ifs for someone who seems so different to everyone in a first world country is becoming a typical guy when he’s smoking his cigarette.

verse – G – Dsus4 – Em7 – Cadd9
chorus – G – Cadd9 – G – Dsus4

they wear low pants and wide shirts
you wear it plain with jeans
i never like their piercings
and you ain’t got one and clean
the ideas feeding in your brain is
as many as the ink they got on their skin

your arms are bare
seem not to care
oh dear

what it is like if i was your cigarette
the breath you take, the one that makes
you and them the same
i’d be the smoke filling your head
if i could be your cigarette

face down, hands in your pocket
saw you in your same red jacket
another time, another pack
i’ll take my chance, no more held back
so take a drag and tell me
(repeat chorus 2x)

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