I don’t know how to sum up all the good comments in this series coz for me this is the best drama of the first quarter of 2012; probably Yoochun‘s best drama where he proves how versatile hallyu star he is. I didn’t feel like watching it when I tried to have a glimpse of the first episode because I am into Fashion King  (check my Fashion King review) but with just its first episode it made me laughing so hard that I am really trying not to wake up the people sleeping in my place! And so with just ‘a try’ , in just one night I’ve watched four episodes and then I knew I’m hooked.

Some viewers might say how this story is a lot like a male version of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, where there’s a time when the lead will disappear and the period of adapting to a new environment that will surely make the viewers laugh. The romance between Bak Ha and Lee Gak together with  the three lads from Joseon has a real good chemistry in the story. Even Hong Se Na and Tae Mu are both very effective that all who’ll watch will surely hate them.

There’s a lot of conflicts in this story; the time travel reason, the Yong Tae Yong & Crown Princess case, the we had a right love at the wrong time situation between the leads and lastly, who’s my mom question… all those questions were able to answered one by one leaving a great contentment and suspense thrill in my heart because of the twists added with a very commending sound effects and background.

I’d like to say Thank you to the writer, director, sound directors and the casts for making the 20 hours of my life worth laughing and crying. This is drama is such a masterpiece that will absolutely make you ecstatic from first to last episode. I now don’t know if I should watch other drama now that I have seen the best. This show proves how powerful a destiny is that if it is for you, it is for you even after 300 years.

One thought on “ROOFTOP PRINCE review.

  1. Your definitely right, i dont know how to move on to that story, after you laugh in the end your cryin but still this hallyu is the best . i watched this several times i love lee gak and bak ha so much. i love your comment about rooftop prince. i have a friend who’s addicted to that halyu too.


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