Just like any other, I was a western music lover; Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson were my favorite singers. I admit, new hollywood singers are topping the billboard chart nowadays and I still do listen to them now but for some reasons cupid made me love and appreciate the Korean pop.

I like Sandara since her debut in the PH show business , so liking 2ne1 is an exception. Until one day, I watched We Got Married – YongSeo couple‘s episode and that how it all started. I learned to like SNSD especially those girls who visited YongHwa and SeoHyun’s house; Tiffany, Taeyeon and SooYoung +  CNBLUE brothers (JongHyun, MinHyuk & JungShin) is a bonus point. I was at the peek of liking SNSD and SM Entertainment until one day, I watched a drama where I don’t have any idea who the lead characters are.

So the drama I was talking about is DREAM HIGH. (Click this for my review!) Yeah. Obviously, i like Ok Taecyeon of 2PM as well as Suzy of Miss A another factor to like is Jin Man which is played by the CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young. With those people and with those reasons, I was like being baptized to be a KPOP lover. I loved 2PM, 2AM (I’ve known this idol group because of WGM’s Jo Kwon & Seulong together with Jinwoon was one of the hosts before) Wonder Girls, Miss A & even Rain.

I actually never thought I would be hooked to these stuffs because of loving them and being a JYPE bias for me means I have to know their show business’ enemy in KPOP world like Wonder Girls versus SNSD in which I am sad of because I learned to like Jessica (Taec’s rumored girlfriend), Tiffany (Taec’s besftfriend / via Oh My School), SeoHyun and Sooyoung. Honestly, listening to JYP’s artists rival groups made me feel that I was really hooked to the KPOP music, since I have to listen and criticize all those rival groups’ songs… appreciating korean pop is easier & it gives me more reason to love the Korean POP.

The sad thing in liking one, means I have to give up something; I gave up my SNSD biases over Sohee, SunYe and YuBin as well as  liking other male idol groups like YG’s BigBang most especially my most loved T.O.P and Super Juniors (except for HeeChul since he’s very vocal in saying JYPE is the agency in his heart) for 2PM. To make my explanation short, my craze for SNSD, Super Juniors, 2nE1 & f(x) stopped to give my loyalty to JYPE artists.

I understand if readers might find this blog odd for being too sensitive and too serious about the agency competition that I took personally& seriously. THE END.


I just wanna share my opinion about this conversation of Jang Gen Suk & Park Shin Hye that happened on Twiiter! All thanks to Park Shin Hye International Org. for the translation! You can follow them by clicking this. I’ve been following them since I became a fan of Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful.

I was just in a crazy stage after seeing the ‘사랑해’ which means ILoveYou that Geun Suk replied to Shin Hye. I don’t care whattype of Love is that, but im so happy with those words.

But I was kinda sad, reading Geun Suk’s tweet about deleteing his Twitter account. 😐 Seriously.



[11/12 @ssinz and @AsiaPrince_JKS]
Shin Hye: You’re My Pet premiere!! Keun-suk oppa really put in a lot of affection into filming the movie… Although oppa is always driven crazy by crazy comments, he is still a great oppa.. Hmm.. You’re My Pet daebak>_<
너는펫 개봉!! 너는펫 보면 근석오빠가 정말 엄~청나게 애정을 가지고 찍었다는게 느껴진다.. 가끔 폭트땜에 언팔할까말까 고민하게만드는 오빠지만.. 참 멋지고 대단한 오빠라는거..흠.. 너는펫 대박나라>_<

JKS: I love you 사랑해

Shin Hye: What I did was great, right? 나 잘했어>_<?

JKS: Perfect!!!! 완전!!!!

*Note: Shin Hye’s message was an indirect reply to this:

11/12 @AsiaPrince_JKS I met a lot of people in a place called Twitter, which claims to connect people from all around the world. And then, I experienced a lot in this place. But I cannot accept the crooked truth anymore.. Tomorrow midnight, I will close down twitter.. people who really want to play with me please come to JKS app.

Credited as indicated above.


The story started with Jung Yong Hwa’s character having a vacation and has seen a girl whom he didn’t even clearly see the face. This scene was not clearly emphasized in the start, but will be somewhat a ‘goosebumps’ scene in the latter episode.

Yonghwa’s character, Lee Sin likes a professor who has a former lover that’s working as a director in his alma mater where the two lead stars of the story are studying. Park Shin Hye’s character, Lee Gyu Won on the other hand will make all girl viewers be delusional about their love life as dramas like Playful Kiss (It Started With A Kiss) likes the lead male, Lee Sin. I will nearly find this drama as cliché if they didn’t able to make Lee Gyu Won pretend hard to get and acts like she doesn’t like Lee Sin.

As a viewer, I find it annoying whenever Lee Gyu Won is running after with Lee Sin all the time but that how the plot goes and this is my review. I also hate how the plot always centers to Lee Gyu Won. In the start, everything seems to be about her. I understand that she’s the lead star, but better dramas, rotates the story to other character that would have affect the lead cast. That would have been a better plot strategy. The last 3 episodes seems to give the plot that I want when Hee Joo became the lead for the musical.

Sad it may seem because of Shin Hye‘s car accident the drama was made to 15 episodes. One thing I also notice is that the story progresses slowly in the first episodes and it was rushed to end in the last episodes.

I also noticed that they used the former shows and love teams of both Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa to some parts of the story. Maybe, just to get higher ratings, because just to let this blog reader knows, Heartstrings (MBC) rival in ratings in South Korea is City Hunter (SBS) which stars Lee Min Ho. Going back to read my blog about this thing read it here.

This drama is also musical drama, but I would still prefer my readers to watch KBS’ Dream High first before watching this. You can compare these two musical dramas clearly. Yong Hwa & Shin Hye’s reunion drama proves that they really have a chemistry they way they had when they were with Jang Geun Suk & SNSD’s Seo Hyun. Park Shin Hye’s fashion in this series may look like odd but it’s really amazing and awesome that makes me want to wear a long skirt while Jung Yong Hwa’s fashion here is as the same as a typical guy, same Yong Hwa seen in We Got Married! The hair color is the only thing that was changed. Lastly, I also commend Park Shin Hye’s acting here that is so realistic, she has really grown as an actress and proves her hallyu star status.

Heartstrings is a feel good musical series that would make any viewer fall in love. It also focuses on achieving, dreaming & soaring high to fly. CN Blue’s Kang Minhyuk and Jung Yong Hwa are also here that will make a k-Pop lover appreciate more the hallyu wave.

BLOGGERS & WRITERS love blogging & writing about Wonder Girls.

It’s been 3 days since my favorite entertainment agency, JYP Entertainment released the official MV for Wonder Girlscomeback and the hype for this Kpop stars are really so high. After the video was released it became the No. 1 most discussed, top rated and ‘top favorited’ for the day in Youtube.

Manila Bulletin, Philippines’ leading newspaper as they say, made an article about Wonder Girls’ comeback which they only do to some KPOP stars. I would want to say, I think they only did this type of thing to Wonder Girls but any proof or correction are welcome. You can actually read the article here.

Aside from that, another popular blogger, Perez Hilton, blogged about Wonder Girls. To be fair recently Perez also blogged about another Korean group Bigbang for their comeback song and just like another guru idol group, Wonder Girls was mentioned in his blog. I guess the reason for that is since it’s no secret that the choreographer of the girls for this comeback is the same choreographer of Beyonce, Perez find it somewhat a reminiscent of Single Ladies, which he clearly stated. Read here.

The long wait for the said THE QUEEN OF K-POP is over. If you haven’t seen the official MV check this out.

Korean drama, ‘Heartstrings’ same scenes with You’re Beautiful & We Got Married?

I’m now in the 12th episode of Heartstrings and the sweet scenes Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye are portraying (Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin) makes my mind remember some scenes from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful & We Got Married‘s YongSeo.

First and foremost, I am a great fan of Park Shin Hye and I don’t have any intention to bash her with Yongseo pictures.  I just want to show some scenes, I was talking about.

Let’s begin with the scene of Go Mi Nam & Shin Woo from He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful to HeartstringsLee Gyu Won & Lee Sin moment.

HAHAHA! Now, you know what I mean.

The next pictures, to come is from YongSeo‘s marriage in We Got Married.



Lee Gyu Won & Lee Sin before going to school date.

Yong Hwa & SeoHyun Japan date.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won.

Yong Hwa and Seohyun.

Please mind observing the guitar from the two pictures.


Lee Sin & Gyu Won

Yong Hwa & Seohyun

I won’t be making any conclusion, with these pictures. It is up to your naughty minds what to think. But I love to see Yong Hwa’s character, Lee Sin in Heartstrings driving a car! He really learned to have a car aa. And Park Shin Hye is really a great actress, she acts like everything’s real.

Until here. I suggest for those readers, to watch Heartstrings. It is a nice feel drama that would make a teenager fall in love.



Putting my theorize pictures to other blog sites would be fun but please know how to give credit. Check my tumblr, I’m updating picture blogs there! CLICK HERE!


Honestly, I have to say that I anticipated SNSD’s The Boys MV than WonderGirls comeback. But I was really disappointed with the song Teddy composed for SNSD. Now, I’ve been waiting for Wonder Girls comeback and just with the first teaser killed me.

I was not a fan of these five girls; I happened to know their leader, Sunye just because of Dream High and boom! I like her so much now.

Gotta be telling more soon. But check this teaser # 1 from WG! 🙂 You’ ll surely antcipate the second teaser and the song for sure.