Just like any other, I was a western music lover; Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson were my favorite singers. I admit, new hollywood singers are topping the billboard chart nowadays and I still do listen to them now but for some reasons cupid made me love and appreciate the Korean pop.

I like Sandara since her debut in the PH show business , so liking 2ne1 is an exception. Until one day, I watched We Got Married – YongSeo couple‘s episode and that how it all started. I learned to like SNSD especially those girls who visited YongHwa and SeoHyun’s house; Tiffany, Taeyeon and SooYoung +  CNBLUE brothers (JongHyun, MinHyuk & JungShin) is a bonus point. I was at the peek of liking SNSD and SM Entertainment until one day, I watched a drama where I don’t have any idea who the lead characters are.

So the drama I was talking about is DREAM HIGH. (Click this for my review!) Yeah. Obviously, i like Ok Taecyeon of 2PM as well as Suzy of Miss A another factor to like is Jin Man which is played by the CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young. With those people and with those reasons, I was like being baptized to be a KPOP lover. I loved 2PM, 2AM (I’ve known this idol group because of WGM’s Jo Kwon & Seulong together with Jinwoon was one of the hosts before) Wonder Girls, Miss A & even Rain.

I actually never thought I would be hooked to these stuffs because of loving them and being a JYPE bias for me means I have to know their show business’ enemy in KPOP world like Wonder Girls versus SNSD in which I am sad of because I learned to like Jessica (Taec’s rumored girlfriend), Tiffany (Taec’s besftfriend / via Oh My School), SeoHyun and Sooyoung. Honestly, listening to JYP’s artists rival groups made me feel that I was really hooked to the KPOP music, since I have to listen and criticize all those rival groups’ songs… appreciating korean pop is easier & it gives me more reason to love the Korean POP.

The sad thing in liking one, means I have to give up something; I gave up my SNSD biases over Sohee, SunYe and YuBin as well as  liking other male idol groups like YG’s BigBang most especially my most loved T.O.P and Super Juniors (except for HeeChul since he’s very vocal in saying JYPE is the agency in his heart) for 2PM. To make my explanation short, my craze for SNSD, Super Juniors, 2nE1 & f(x) stopped to give my loyalty to JYPE artists.

I understand if readers might find this blog odd for being too sensitive and too serious about the agency competition that I took personally& seriously. THE END.

2 thoughts on “HOW K-POP GOT ME.

  1. i really like your blog about being hottest… and we are slightly a like on certain things.. hope you can post some news about the 2pm boys too… thanks a lot…


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