Give Christmas gifts from the heart

Christmas is coming and nothing compares to giving something unique that cannot be bought in Walmart or SM or even in a Department store in your place. For those online shoppers who want something different to give this Christmas, I recommend Etsy for you to browse and try. It is a site wherein most of the products are being sold around the world and handcrafted by artists. (You can click this link to buy your first item from Etsy, 5 dollars off. )

So the first time I tried Etsy , it was when my boyfriend turned 21 and I decided to give him something unique. So I chose a ‘guitar pick’ which I didn’t able to take a picture since I was so excited to wrap it.  Below is the exact pick I gave him and he liked it. It is very personalized and just by looking, you can really see the connection between music and us; not costly but it speaks a lot.

For my new Macbook, I also bought laptop accessories from Etsy. It is very unique and very me. It was just shipped today; one from Germany while the other is from Hongkong so stay tune in this blogsite if you want to see it.

Relationship vs League of Legends
from league of legend forum

League of Legends, Warcraft, Grandchase. I can’t seem to understand why do I not have any interest when it comes to those activities and games, particularly League of Legends. If you would ask me, I tried to learn League of Legends, but everything about it makes me sick. I do not even enjoy what I’m doing and I’m a dumb for it.

My boyfriend is a gamer; from Warcraft to Counterstrike to Call of Duty and League of Legends, he had played those. But what makes me feel annoyed is his addiction to League of Legends. I do not want this blog to be a rant site, but I envy other girls who can play this game with their boyfriends although I know this game is not for me. It deeply saddens me that we could not share his hobby together and so what is affected by this is our time with each other. He does not miss me as much as I miss him because he has the company of his playmates and the characters he has. I do not want to be a clingy girlfriend and I am aware of the fact that our ‘individuality’ is very important while we are together, yet I think I deserve a little more time and affection. He has been my stress reliever in a very frustrating program of Nursing and now, I’m finding him so occupied with this game.

Dumping would not be an option in this case and I seriously do not know what to do. This is maybe the reason why I got back to blogging… finding my own interest while he got his own.

Christmas wish list:

1. Polaroid Camera

2. Macbook Pro Ret Skin/protector

3. KollectionK bunny earing

4. Bag

5. Beannie

6. HIGH GRADES FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER. (Now, I need to close this site and start memorizing again.)


MY excitement about Christmas


Christmas is fast approaching and I can’t keep my excitement to this season of giving and sharing. My Christmas starts off, when I actually able to buy my Macbook Pro with Retina display after a long year of saving and waiting, in which I wouldn’t be able to have even if I work a lot in the Philippines.

The thing is, this coming Christmas is my second time to celebrate here in Canada. Time surely flies fast, even though I know nothing compares to the Christmas in the Philippines, I know this coming Christmas will be one of the best and special celebration I am going to have. Why? Because I will get to celebrate it with my two families! My boyfriend and I decided to celebrate it with each other in our own homes; 24th would be at my place while 25th would be at his place. For the first time also, I shopped a lot for gifts; 500$ worth of gifts, I guess. Having two families is quite costly, especially it is our first Christmas together as a couple but I do not care about how much I spent, because that’s the real value of Christmas, giving and sharing. My biggest problem with this excitement is the loop hole I must surpass to be able to reach that celebration I look forward to. Finals is coming up and Nursing is not an easy program. I need to memorize lots of scientific, indigenous, english words and facts before I get to celebrate Christmas with my two loved families. So probably, I will celebrate Christmas with a huge eye-bags and stressed face but I could not care less as long as I will pass my exam. And passing it with high marks would be the BEST GIFT, I could ever ask.

When love arrives…


I’ve always loved the idea of being in love since I am a kind of girl who loves Korean dramas to death. I’ve always dreams of being the lead girl with a very cute/handsome love interest beside me. I’ve always had my ups and downs, and for sure I surely will have more, but I am more than willing to take the risk now that I am happily gifted by God a very special man who I am so blessed and lucky to spend my time with.

We are truly opposites in a whole lot of perspectives: he loves to play; i love to do nothing, he sleeps early at night; I sleep early in the morning, he does have a sense of responsibility; I do not, he is witty; I am smart (?), he loves anime; I am into dramas, he likes Japan; I love Korea, he finds history interesting; i find it damn boring… but despite all the differences we have in our cognitive aspects, I am proud to say we are physically the same. We are both short and a little bit stout! HAHAHA! And before I forget, we have the same interest… when it comes to eating.

Loving him makes me appreciate things I never did before. I learned to open myself to our differences and broadened my mind to a whole new world of experiences, and so I know he did too. I know he was not the first guy I loved but I am praying and hoping, he’ll be the guy I would love the most and the last because I know he is the one that God gave me; the leading man I longed for and the partner in crime I seek to find the most. I may not know what is about to happen, what I know is while writing this, I know I am in love with him and blessed by Him.