Give Christmas gifts from the heart

Christmas is coming and nothing compares to giving something unique that cannot be bought in Walmart or SM or even in a Department store in your place. For those online shoppers who want something different to give this Christmas, I recommend Etsy for you to browse and try. It is a site wherein most of [...]

Relationship vs League of Legends

League of Legends, Warcraft, Grandchase. I can't seem to understand why do I not have any interest when it comes to those activities and games, particularly League of Legends. If you would ask me, I tried to learn League of Legends, but everything about it makes me sick. I do not even enjoy what I'm doing [...]

Christmas wish list:

1. Polaroid Camera 2. Macbook Pro Ret Skin/protector 3. KollectionK bunny earing 4. Bag 5. Beannie 6. HIGH GRADES FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER. (Now, I need to close this site and start memorizing again.)  

MY excitement about Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and I can't keep my excitement to this season of giving and sharing. My Christmas starts off, when I actually able to buy my Macbook Pro with Retina display after a long year of saving and waiting, in which I wouldn't be able to have even if I work a lot [...]

When love arrives…

I've always loved the idea of being in love since I am a kind of girl who loves Korean dramas to death. I've always dreams of being the lead girl with a very cute/handsome love interest beside me. I've always had my ups and downs, and for sure I surely will have more, but I [...]