Relationship vs League of Legends
from league of legend forum

League of Legends, Warcraft, Grandchase. I can’t seem to understand why do I not have any interest when it comes to those activities and games, particularly League of Legends. If you would ask me, I tried to learn League of Legends, but everything about it makes me sick. I do not even enjoy what I’m doing and I’m a dumb for it.

My boyfriend is a gamer; from Warcraft to Counterstrike to Call of Duty and League of Legends, he had played those. But what makes me feel annoyed is his addiction to League of Legends. I do not want this blog to be a rant site, but I envy other girls who can play this game with their boyfriends although I know this game is not for me. It deeply saddens me that we could not share his hobby together and so what is affected by this is our time with each other. He does not miss me as much as I miss him because he has the company of his playmates and the characters he has. I do not want to be a clingy girlfriend and I am aware of the fact that our ‘individuality’ is very important while we are together, yet I think I deserve a little more time and affection. He has been my stress reliever in a very frustrating program of Nursing and now, I’m finding him so occupied with this game.

Dumping would not be an option in this case and I seriously do not know what to do. This is maybe the reason why I got back to blogging… finding my own interest while he got his own.

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