I just can’t wait for this one, that is said to air on June 2011. Omo! Could you imagine? Two of my most loved stars will have a show on June, my birthday month. There’s no confirmation yet, but Park Shin Hye along with Yong Hwa (what about WGM’s Goguma) and Lee Seung Gi with Gong Hyo Jin of Pasta! 🙂

On the other hand, May this year Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter is also expected to air with Park Min Young. My fangirling side can’t let this shows pass me by. 😀

“Beautiful” again? Yong Hwa and Shin Hye to co-star in new romantic light drama?

WHAT THE HECK! Yong Hwa and Shin Hye being teamed up for the new MBC show.


Both Yong Hwa and Shin Hye are emerging as top casting choices for a new MBC drama slated to start in June.  FNC, Yong Hwa’s management, had acknowledged receiving the offer already but is in the process of consideration given CN Blue will be doing their comeback album and the promotions associated with it.   They are reviewing the possibility of this with Yong Hwa’s already hectic schedule.

Shin Hye’s management, AVA Entertainment, also acknowledged having received the script.  They found the script to be funny and has a youthful vibe.  Shin Hye’s side is looking favorable to accept this offer.

Both actors were originally in the SBS drama You’re Beautiful, where their pairing met an unfortunate ending, with Shin Hye’s character Go Mi Nam being finally linked to Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Keun Suk).  The drama’s popularity with fans would be enough to generate strong expectations for this new drama.




My expectations for Park Shin Hye as his leading lady is over.

But I’m still glad that the leading of the man of my dreams in his drama would be another girl that I used to like. — PARK MIN YOUNG.

I am not familiar with her name, but I liked her after seeing her love triangle team-up along with Kim Bum in Unstoppable High Kick. From my crush to my another crush, I just can’t wait to see City Hunter.


Im ready to be a shipper for Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho.. I actually think they can be the ‘Min’ couple, if ever there’s no couple named yet as that.



I actually don’t know how to start this blog but I know that I need to blog this feeling I am having to preserve it and to be able to read it someday when this infatuation has already ended.


They say I’m in love. And I know I am not, but that’s not actually the point. It’s like there’s a reason for me to go wake up and go to class. A reason to sleep and look forward for another brand dew day ahead. But then again, I AM NOT IN LOVE. Thinking … I now know what is this feeling, im INSPIRED.

oh yes! For so long, I liked someone, had a relationship and been loving someone. Im in this state again. 🙂 But I actually don’t know why and how I felt this. And mind you, when you see that person I am thinking while typing this blog, you’ll figure out yourself, why. IT’S BECAUSE HE’S A PURE CHINESE! Lols. But that’s not the point again… Im losing my senses with this blog and actually , im confused also.

To make this blog short,  I am officially inspired! I smile and others think Im smiling for no reason, but Im smiling because he’s presence is well felt. Im laughing too much, when he’s talking. I can’t even look at his eyes directly coz when he looks back at me, it’s as if my heart is in the water and drowning. My heart beats fast when he’s near to me and all I have to do is to pretend that nothing matters though Im already sweating too much. 🙂


I know I am a ‘SukHye’ fan, but sometimes, I wish that my most loved male and female korean stars named Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye will have a show or drama together someday.

Well, I’ve seen this picture from Etude Hosue’s Facebook fanpage.

Looking at this, I’m having a good vibes for Park Shin Hye to be Lee Min Ho’s leading lady in his next drama (City Hunter). I find this picture some kind of a promotional picture for City Hunter! HAHAHAHA! But I don’t have any background regarding the plot of CH.

Honestly, I don’t know if I am having any sense talking about this but I love seeing them both together. And I hope like Jang Geun Suk who was a former endorser of The Etude House and later became Shin Hye leading man, Lee Min Ho could also be Shin Hye’s other half in a drama. 🙂

Take a look at this picture, Min Ho and Shin Hye seems to be cute together! 🙂


Im so sad, that of all the birthdays I can forget, why does it have to be Shin Hye’s birthday?!


It was yesterday where my most liked Korean Female Celebrity named Park Shin Hye turned 22, and because of my academisc i forgot it.

Spazz side, I am wondering again, if Jang Geun Suk greeted her in a unique style the way what he did last 2010 where he pretended to be fan and joke Shin Hye who was a DJ that time.


Well, at first just like what happened to other Asian dramas I have seen, I dont have interest in watching this series. But since I was bored again with my life routine, I decided to watch it.

At first, i find it boring and not interesting at all, because they keep talking about the past, that I don’t like, though I understand it’s really an important part of the story. And so thank God, I bear with it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Episode 5 & 6 are such a tear jearker episodes! Leaving Rehn Guang Xi by Mu Cheng because of circumstances that’s like “life and death”.

My enjoyment with this series all started at episode 8, when there’s a guy named Liang Xiao Le appeared in the story saying “Mis Su Mis Su” … 🙂 🙂

So due to the appearance of hat character I was talking about, I slept at around 5am causing my head to ache, but everything is worth it because how the story runs is so fast and detailed that I was able to feel every character’s feeling. Episode 8 onwards, made me cry a river, well… try to watch it for you to cry also!

I love the ending, but unlike how the plot goes it isn’t much detailed. 🙂

I liked Vanness Wu after watching this drama especially seeing its BTS where Vanness and Ady are so closed that I want to become their shipper also. 🙂

LONG TIME NO BLOG because im inspired …

Since February started, I’ve become really busy and stressed with my academic stuffs causing me to lack time in  tweeting and blogging. I also lost out of track with my favorite korean idols, but I ‘m going back to it after out project in Literature. Another thing that causes me lack time in blogging is that, my heart started beating again. Oh well, im talking about a feeling called “crush”. Hee hee! And guess what, who is he, It’s the same person I once got hooked to. No CLUE! :))) Im just inspired to do things causing me to be very busy with my life.


Anyway, i’ll start my comeback via Autumn’s Concerto Review. :)) TC!

BACKTRAX: Lee Seung Gi have met his SNSD crush.


Lee Seung Gi has successfully finished his MC initiation with the cheers of SNSD’s Yoona, who also happens to be his ideal girl.

Congratulations to singer/actor MC Lee Seung Gi, who made his first debut on SBS’s Kang Shim Jang! It was reported that, despite it being his first filming of a show as an official MC, he did a pretty darn good job! His mc-ing went so smoothly that he received praise from the guests, his MC partner Kang Ho Dong, and even the staff.

Having a similar relationship to that of brothers (thanks to 1N2D), Kang Ho Dong was full of praises to his younger “brother” Seung Gi. Throughout the show, Kang Ho Dong was constantly complimenting, “You’re very good Lee Seung Gi!” in order to ease his tensions.

Although Lee Seung Gi has admitted that his ideal girl was SNSD’s Yoona, he was very shy during the filming, unlike his usual self.

Knowing that she was Lee Seung Gi’s ideal girl, to ease his tensions as well, she stated, “Be more successful than Kang Ho Dong and become the #1 MC.”


credits: allkpop