Well, at first just like what happened to other Asian dramas I have seen, I dont have interest in watching this series. But since I was bored again with my life routine, I decided to watch it. At first, i find it boring and not interesting at all, because they keep talking about the past, [...]

LONG TIME NO BLOG because im inspired …

Since February started, I've become really busy and stressed with my academic stuffs causing me to lack time in  tweeting and blogging. I also lost out of track with my favorite korean idols, but I 'm going back to it after out project in Literature. Another thing that causes me lack time in blogging is [...]


My twitter friend, tweeted me this and after reading this, I was really shocked that it turns out to be different from what I expected. But, well, that's Europe or Latin America, so I cant complain... but since this is my blog, i just need to tell what I feel. FIRST. I am a little [...]


I heard from a friend, that a lot have been complaining to ABS-CBN because of cancelling AUTUMN’S CONCERTO. If you have seen the trailer last week, it was mentioned that it must air this Monday, January 17, 2011. But due to some circumstances, they aired CINDERELLA SISTER. (CLICK HERE) You can even see it in [...]