2PM Clothes album review.

My boys are gonna be back in the Korean scene and to commemorate their return, I bought myself a 2PM hoodie that feels like was sent straight from JYP Entertainment though I bought it from Soompi. To view my hoodie, watch the video below.




They are actually the reason why I am into this KPOP fandom. What the music they have, written by JYP, or by anyone else if they are the singers I will surely love it and it will keep replaying in my head. Without them I am no JYP Nation fan. So for all the inspiration and entertainment, this 6 beastly rugged talented gorgeous boys, I am forever thankful knowing you. I can’t wait for your comeback!


JUNE 2011, BIGBANG’s Daesung has an accident with a motorcyclist around 1:30 am that causes the death of the later. Fast forward to JULY 2012, 2PM’s Nichkhun was involved in an accident around 2:30 am.

Daesung’s accident, 2011
Nichkhun accident, 2012

My fear now is what happened to Bigbang‘s activities last year might happen to 2PM now. The difference is the face of 2PM is Khun and I seriously don’t know what will happen to the group. Unlike Bigbang’s face was its leader GD. More of I’m seeing the effect of GD’s marijuana scandal to Bigbang may happen to 2PM.

MBC’s idol star  edited out Khun and even Caribbean bay that they have been endorsing for a few years now removed Nichkhun on it’s promotional pictures online. I hope this won’t affect much to 2PM, people must know that idols are humans too, they need to have mistake to learn which is part of life’s lesson.


So first and foremost I’m a huge JYP Entertainment fan and I swear, I love all of their artists; so when I first read in Allkpop that they will be a new debut for JYPE that will be first seen in Dream High 2,  more anticipation risen in me.

So JB got my heart in Dream High 2 because of his cool attitude in the first episode and the love story rotated a lot to his character. Jr on the other hand is like a cutie guy, but he didn’t make me notice him that much except after he sang the We Are The B song.

It is just so funny that JB’s name is Jae Beom same name of the ex-leader of 2PM and Jr’s real name is Park Jin Young same name of the JYPe’s CEO JYP.  That is just a funny coincidence but no matter what I so love them.

Now they have released their title track and performed it live!!! Wow! Jr’s rap is so awesome while JB’s voice is like an eargasm plus he looks so cute when he is shaking his butt. Well 2PM, Miss A had their debut like JJ’s now so I’m really looking to their future career! BUT PLEASE, I’m a 2PM lover but seriously I don’t want JJ to make their bodies bigger like that of to Taec’s and other 2PM members… well because of they’ll be having same taste like hotness. It is better for JJ to be a cool one like what they are now.

Lastly, I’m recommending everyone to take a listen to this song featuring Miss A Suzy. This is way better than their debut track and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM PERFORM THIS LIVE.

DREAM HIGH 2’s REVIEW and DREAM HIGH 1 comparison

So I guess I have to be straight with this review and if you’ll agree to me or not is your choice. Having the name DREAM HIGH 2 which is obviously a second part of the first made people give a lot of expectations in the series.

Dream High2 didn’t get me in its first and second episode and so I have to be patient and wait for better episodes to come out. The comedy of Hae Sung’s character didn’t make me laugh at her instead her mistakes and story irritated me; to be honest, she’s my most hated character in this season. Moving to next episodes, Yoo Jin’s character is getting me with his story and the way Jin woon acts same with Rian who I’m supposed to hate but I really fell inlove with her character. JYPE’s soon to debut stars JR and JB did well since it’s their first time in everything. I guess, JYPE’s training really helped me.

There’s no way that people can prevent comparing Dream High 1 to this Dream High 2, so I made a lot of comparisons.

1. Dream High 1 is more focused on achieving dreams over love lines but Dream High 2  is more  focused on love, giving up dreams and finding a new one. But in the end, to where almost the whole story rotates about the Dream High love square, there isn’t any chance that someone ended up with someone! It’s like the reason why I got the craze is for nothing it was like the plot is useless.

2. In Dream High 1 the flavor of each factor to succeed mixed well, from friends, to family, to love but with Dream High2 everything is not constant.

3. Dream High 1’s plot is well prepared, Dream High 2 isn’t that much; take it as an example, JB was just waiting for Rian to come since it’s her birthday but Rian is with Yoo Jin’s company singing because she was forced by the fans, JB then hear Sora’s practice singing Hello To Myself and comforted her. The next day, Rian sang the song that Hae Sung composed and JB already liked and followed Hae Sung to the point of even chasing her. It’s like everything was rushed, so that it will develop love lines. The scriptwriter seems having fun confusing the audience, JB waiting for Rian at the hospital giving tulips, JB holding Rian’s hand when Sora left her, Yoo Jin and Rian sweet moments and JB’s constant asking of “Are you two dating?” where in the end none of the problems were answered. Lastly, it is like a story within a story, Dream High 1 Song Sam Dong’s character is always mentioned and obviously present in the story but the others aren’t like Hye Mi when Suzy had a cameo are not.

4. Unlike Dream High 1; Dream High 2 is supposed to be achieving dreams, but almost all of the leads, lose the grip in achieving it: JB who was a hallyu star just become a producer, Si Woo who was also a popular star isn’t anymore, Hae Sung who want to be a singer, gave up singing and became a composer. Only Rian has achieved her dreams.

5. Dream High 2’s ending is like a copy cut to season 1’s ending. Yoon Baek Hee became a teacher, JR became a teacher; The director’s daughter became a teacher, the OZ entertainment’s CEO/director’s daughter became a teacher; Hye Mi’s sister enrolled Kirin, Hye Sung’s sister enrolled Kirin. The only difference is you know Sam Dong and Hye Mi ended up though it was like a long distance relationship and season 1 answered all the problems.

But I’m not saying that Dream High2 is a bad series, coz I seriously got the hype to wait every Monday and Tuesday to watch the performances, the love square and cameos. I was actually hoping all the leads from season 1 to have a cameo especially 2PM’s Taecyeon but it never happened, all their performances and cover are amazing that I always download it and the love square between the four leads that got me hooked to ship JB and Rian from the start then switched to Yoo Jin and Rian. If the ending was able to answer everything I probably liked the series. But for the cameos, cover performances and OST, I have to say Dream High 2 matched Dream High 1.

I think Dream High 2 is about failing to meet your dream but not making it a hindrance to be able to dream for something new again.

If this series wasn’t called DREAM HIGH, probably this review wont be like this. It goes with the name and the history, i guess.


update: FROM A SOURCE DREAM HIGH 2 WILL BE AIRED ON GMA while DREAM HIGH 1 WILL BE AIRED ON ABS-CBN. That’s just so weird. But it is not yet confirmed!


I once published my  Lego House cover and getting hooked to Dream High 2 made me match all those sweet scenes to Ed Sheeran‘s lyrics.

I really don’t like JB with Hae Sung and I would be proud to say I’m their loveteam’s anti so when JB started liking Hae Sung, I started liking Yoo Jin for Rian since both characters have more exposures and happy scenes.

As JYP Entertainment releases Together OST from the said series; I made this video where it is a little favor with Yoo Jin. But no matter who ends up with Jiyeon, is okay with me as long as she will end up with someone.

Check this music video!  TAKE NOTE OF THE WORDS AND SCENES.



These days I’ve been watching Dream High 2 in time with it’s release in Korea. And I was always left crazy because of its LOVE SQUARE story between YooJin (Jin Woon), Hye Sung (Sora), JB (Jae Bom) and Rian (Jiyeon); unlike the first season which focused more on Dreams and love as second spice of the plot, Dream High’s second season gives a new taste. Love is more focused and dreams is an additional blend.





I’ve been crazy since I like JB and Rian, but I also like Yoo Jin and Rian when I’m not even a fan of T-Ara. I just hate Kang Sora’s role here where on the first episodes the story rotates to her character.

Stay tune for my review about this amazing story from Dream High 2!


If the title sounds familiar, well that is actually from the drama, Budoy. That phrase must be really popular nowadays because for two times that was a trending topic in Twitter and I decided to use this ‘coz though I find it corny and pointless somehow I can relate to it now.

Tomorrow we will be heading for Canada and I know that there’ll be a lot of changes that will be happening there. But as I write this blog entry; there’s nothing I can wish but for us to reach Saskatchewan safe.

Thinking back to my past years that I’ve spent in the Philippines which almost more than half of my life I got into the Asian craze (Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) there’s a lot of things I should be thankful of.


My mom thought me her waterloo; it’s speaking English. I might have a wrong grammar in my blogs, if ever I do. But my mom has always thought me the subject she hated the most. Well she likes Math and that’s what gives her a living; so teaching English especially how to speak was taught to me by forced. I think it also give a lot of opportunities to me since I was able to be on stage or podium along with a microphone to host or be an emcee of events at the later part of my schooling.

I don’t know anything about romantic stuffs If not because of a guy who first gave me a letter. That was actually a friendly letter that I received in my worst day since my grandmother died but now he’s the most special guy in my life and he doesn’t like me. Just friends! I wanna actually put the blame to my first Asian drama obsession; Meteor Garden that I learned about love and heartaches at an early age of 8, the age I started to feel my heart beating for the first time.

I had lots of friends & acquaintances some of them are still my close friends, some are already not that close, and some becomes closer to me now.


High-school is really a fucking part of my life. Fucking bitter sweet ecstasy-like feelings; roller coaster ride that gave me life lessons as I grow up.

My freshman days started like “wow! Teenager! I’m an adult already!” Made new friends, made a new best friend who turned out to be the worst enemy of my high-school life. I took a few steps away to the persons I have known and friends with since elementary days and that opened doors to a brand new friendship to a bunch of not that talkative-before peeps.

It was like a blessing in disguise, I made new friends in my sophomore days, new barkada. Reconciled sincerely with my past foes and had the best crush of my life who was a senior level way back that time. I forgot to mention that if ever I had the worst no-talk fight ever, it happened at this level; I just had a no-conversation fight with the guy I liked since elementary. Imagine, he loves to boast, tease and annoy me all my life except this level. It was at this level where I cannot remember anything about him. It was also at this time I learned to drink alcohol that I find now addictive.

They say Junior was the hardest year of a high-school student and I guess I have to agree with that, I actually can’t remember anything nice that happened to me except the prom and flirting with a guy who turned out to be my best friend & short time boyfriend before. I also had a crush AGAIN who was a vocalist of a band who happened to be my first kiss after graduating high-school. Now that guy is already a father.

Senior life is the best! Everyone should certainly agree; after exams party, before graduation bonding time… that’s a KILL! Celebrating the remaining high-school days left with the persons you truly cherished. I had my first boyfriend who was a guy I seriously find lunatic now and had a fling relationship to my best friend for like a week only. What’s the catch? I had the happiest day of my life 6 days after my first heartbreak; December 30 is the day! I spent more than half of my day with the guy I liked since elementary. Watched a comedy-horror film, ate Japanese food and played games with him. I can still seriously remember everything from that day & God knows, if that can happen again, I’m asking for it before I leave this country. But sadly, it’s like I’m going to leave Philippines without even seeing him.

MY OUT OF SAFE ZONE: College life

Entering to UST was a bomb! I experienced my first rejection, though scared to experienced the second rejection, I still pursue and there I got a slot! I don’t ever had a grade below 80 in my high school days, though I’m not serious at school, I’m staying up all night to study for an exam, but in college, I had a grade of ‘3’ every semester. Fuck that! My professors are strict and too complicated even my course; just so you know if you’re planning to judge me.

So college life was a bit strange at first; pretending to be quiet and everything. I first made friends with the smarty ones and that influenced me. Until I met a person who is exactly like me in every ways, let’s call her as my twin; and she made me go back to being a not-so-studious lad. I also met a gay flirt who happens to influence me to be like him/her and start stalking to our smartbro model crush along with other friends who likes him also. We were a bunch of stalkers (my twinie, the gay & a guy). The gay left, others made new friends. I opened up my heart again to the Korean thingy. (I forgot to mention that when I had my first relationship he asked me not to bow those Asian fandoms because he said I don’t even understand the language) and had a huge craze of Korean fandom again that still happening now from then to now. I also experienced performing as a trio; dancing SNSD, 2ne1 & Miss A choreo even made a dorky dance from ANJELL in front of international people. That made me realized that my heart did not only open for the fandom world but it made my heart beat like a super bass to a (take note) Jerry Yan blood-line-limit-like dude. I also made friends with three persons who I never thought I’ll love this much now. One is a vegetarian hot chick, the other is a k-pop fan girl who has the same apple of an eye like me and the last is a weirdo babe who has the same name from a character in DESPICABLE ME.

I just realized, when I entered the program I took, I thought that profession was for me so I accepted it when the truth is I don’t really like it. Now, I know that it just made me know a group of mates who have different personalities and entering the program isn’t for me to have it as my profession but for me to meet them and learn something from them.

It is just so sad that I didn’t able to finish my tertiary level since we are already migrating. But looking back I’m thankful for all the experiences I had; all of those made me grow up and made be a better and worst person. If only I could have the same bunches of people there…

At first, my 18 years in Philippines was nothing, I didn’t experience anything special at all but as I made this blog, I find everything was special and I won’t forget all of those, hoping to meet all the persons I cherished, treasured, mingled, liked and (the only one I had) loved again 5 years from no


Just a week before leaving the country, my friends and I visited the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines which is located in Global City; Just near St. Luke’s Med.; so for some readers who are planning to go there with no spoiling intention meant here are the things to look forward to!

HOW TO GO THERE: For us, we went to Trinoma and took a ride at the MRT station going to Ayala Avenue. From there, we ride a Korean-like bus and take a few walk to reach the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines.

  • Learn to ask when you are commuting. We asked about 5 persons just to get there.

Our first impression, it was like the YG Entertainment Building! But only to find out that the KCC itself is located at the second floor. If you’ve seen documentary shows featuring KCC with human sized K-POP artists, you’ll be disappointed like us. Because we didn’t see anything like that, because according to them it was a part of their exhibit that happened last November.

  • Bring your ID to be able to enter. MUST HAVE!
GLOBAL CITY, really disciplined city,
Looks like YG Ent. Bldg.

The staff and the people there are so hospitable and kind. They let us enter to their kitchen rooms where Korean cooking class is taking place and their Auditorium-like place where Korean performances are held.


If there is one place there that we could enter, it is the library. The librarian there was not that talkative since he’s a male, but when he knew we are Thomasians, he tends to talk and tell so much stories. Well, he graduated from the University of the Philippines and he’s the only person who has the sore control to that special library. He’s the cataloger, acquisitionist, and head librarian.  He knows Korean and he talks to the Korean peeps there like he is one of them. He’s actually the one who’s buying the collections there from South Korea, which makes us envy him!

The library has a lot of Korean books, from the century typed books, to fashion, k-pop, Korean art & foods. Name it! All about Koreans, they have it. But what stricken us the most is their AUDIO-VISUAL collection where almost all of the hit Korean Movie dvds are there, even the Korean dramas, but recent dramas aren’t there yet. Maybe, if it already hit the Philippine TV, they will be going to purchase it.

DVD’s and K-POP cd’s can be watched there. If you want to borrow you can borrow it for only 100 pesos, making the librarian propose a rule that these materials will not be allowed to borrow because of the fact that one might not return it. So, as you read this, the rules there might have changed already.

Click the pictures for larger view.

Check out our fandom in the KCC!

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Greetings from 2PM and b2st: Credits to the uploader.

Don’t just be contented reading and looking at the pictures! Experience it by yourself.


So much for love life thingy about me, just last Monday I bought a BlackBerry Curve Gemini. For so many years, I’ve been a loyal Samsung user since 4th year high-school  because of watching many dramas where they are advertising a cellphone so that the viewers will buy the same mobile.

But everything changed when I saw this picture:

OK TAECYEON MOBILE cr: @taeccool

I’ve been seeing him and Nickhun tweeting using the app ‘Twitter for Blackberry’‘ while I was using ”Twitter for Android” like Miss A’s Suzy, but after seeing this I rushed and bought a Blackberry. So lucky that I had a lot of money left last Christmas.

So I bought a Gemini (my zodiac sign is also a Gemini), the cheapest; I can’t handle to use a very expensive phone since I’m still a student and I commute a lot and I don’t want to put my life at steak for a phone.

I don’t like the color violet, but my favorite color isn’t available so I ended up buying a violet case.

Just wanna share my fandom craze story that if every artist will show what mobile are they using, the phone brand will be so lucky because fans will be buying the same phone.