So first and foremost I’m a huge JYP Entertainment fan and I swear, I love all of their artists; so when I first read in Allkpop that they will be a new debut for JYPE that will be first seen in Dream High 2,  more anticipation risen in me.

So JB got my heart in Dream High 2 because of his cool attitude in the first episode and the love story rotated a lot to his character. Jr on the other hand is like a cutie guy, but he didn’t make me notice him that much except after he sang the We Are The B song.

It is just so funny that JB’s name is Jae Beom same name of the ex-leader of 2PM and Jr’s real name is Park Jin Young same name of the JYPe’s CEO JYP.  That is just a funny coincidence but no matter what I so love them.

Now they have released their title track and performed it live!!! Wow! Jr’s rap is so awesome while JB’s voice is like an eargasm plus he looks so cute when he is shaking his butt. Well 2PM, Miss A had their debut like JJ’s now so I’m really looking to their future career! BUT PLEASE, I’m a 2PM lover but seriously I don’t want JJ to make their bodies bigger like that of to Taec’s and other 2PM members… well because of they’ll be having same taste like hotness. It is better for JJ to be a cool one like what they are now.

Lastly, I’m recommending everyone to take a listen to this song featuring Miss A Suzy. This is way better than their debut track and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM PERFORM THIS LIVE.

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