I actually needed days before writing this review to be able to gather my thoughts and to be able to think about what the writer is trying to give in the story. Fashion King is not really a romantic comedy drama like what it is supposed to, though it tried to give humor to its first six episodes with a really fast phase story beating Love Rain‘s rating in Korea, as you watch it it’s becoming more of a melodrama.

I’m not against with it becoming more into drama because I’m having fun watching the four main characters Young Gul, Ga Young, Jae Hyuk and Anna change and return partners. At first I find it really amusing that I’m always anticipating for the next episode but as you go to its half episodes (ep 11 onward). Everything is like being repeated, the problem will be answered and it will occur again for like almost three times til the end. I think the writers had a sudden change of mind how they will end and continue airing this story for 20 episodes with such a shallow plot and problems and so they started making repeated circumstances, scenes, lines and dialog even it will be so far already from the title Fashion King; because when you watched it, yes it is indeed about fashion but the story isn’t about the Fashion King or maybe the Fashion is a symbolization for Ga Young and the king is a question ‘who will be her king?’  

Fashion King is telling what life really is you’re once up and you’ll go down, a what comes around Korean drama that has a very unexpected ending that you’ll not appreciate without a deep thinking for a lot of days. Because I seriously didn’t like the ending but as I have gathered the scenes in my mind and thought about what the story from the bible, it does make sense to me now. Jae Hyuk had him killed to be able to continue having Ga Young at his side. I swear it was Jae Hyuk and not his father coz what the hell could the father will gain when Young Gul died, right?

Lastly I commend all the actors and actress in this story for being so realistic especially Yoo Ah In, all the roles he has is sinking to his personality may it be a drunkard dirty secret admirer guy or a loud boastful romantic guy. Shin Se Kyung who has a weird mouth reaction when saying something that I find fit ti Ga Young’s naive personality.

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