i know how am i going to be freed in this painful yet sweet spell, well just hearing stories about him makes me fall all over hearing  again, his voice makes me wanna come back and the pictures makes me wish what could have been and the rest, are just day dreams of my life i had stayed. I’ve been asking a way out, a medicine and i now know that it is near and i will eventually let go of the things I’ve been holding to… and when that time comes i will do it wholeheartedly. 5 months from now, as I am putting my thoughts in a blog they, will graduate and hopefully no matter how I love those persons all the connections will be cut about their stories and everything and I don’t have to ask or feel envy or to regret. I can let go of my phone, the pictures, the memories and let the destiny makes way if it is meant to be. for now i will enjoy this torture and the day i will be healed and set free is about to come.