Coming home from school, tired yet great that I don't have a work, I watched a talk show from Philippines (Kris TV) and their topic is about relationships. It just made me think how God is great to know and plan everything for you that no matter how many disappointments ones life have. Miss Universe, [...]

R18: ORIGINAL MOVIE. Fiction movie depicting real life.

Elena's mother is losing her vision gradually leading her to abandon her placid life in Iloilo to find a stable job in the suburbs, only to find out that the life in the real city is far from what she imagined. Elena is forced to do things against her will, the weight of providing food [...]

G-DRAGON’s THAT XX ; That Bitch – Female side.

Cover of GD's THAT XX; Girl point of view. Credits: - Jung Sung Ha for guitar - missapplejacksx until the first chorus in lyrics THE REST OF THE LYRICS ARE MINE AFTER THE 1ST CHORUS EXCEPT THE CHORUS ITSELF. _______ i was just walking when i saw her standing there i wish that i'd been [...]


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 2PM! They are actually the reason why I am into this KPOP fandom. What the music they have, written by JYP, or by anyone else if they are the singers I will surely love it and it will keep replaying in my head. Without them I am no JYP Nation fan. So for [...]