Coming home from school, tired yet great that I don’t have a work, I watched a talk show from Philippines (Kris TV) and their topic is about relationships. It just made me think how God is great to know and plan everything for you that no matter how many disappointments ones life have.

Miss Universe, Shamsey Supsup along with her boyfriend, Lloyd Lee were the guests they talked about how their relationship started and how they still fall for each other everyday. She said he is her first boyfriend and she won’t settle less of her standards waiting for the right man she prayed for, having the lists of qualities she likes in a boy until she then met this Lloyd Lee and right there she knew this is the man she prayed for who will be with her forever.

God is the author of everybody’s life and He has reserved a pair for all of us to be with. This talk show interview made me see how we should reserve our self for ourselves, for the one who loves us and to the person who deserves our best. Some people, girl or boy have their long journey of happiness and sadness to see the right person for them, some patiently wait for the right person come their way, some has their eye on someone who has their eye on someone else, some just don’t fit to the other and the least, some let God be the author of the best love story to come them. If you’ve waited and reserved yourself, when the right time comes, everything will be worth the wait without any regrets. As I sit here in front of my laptop, I want to be the best of me for that someone who willl be spending his life with me til the end. Though it would be better if that person would be my first and last just like in the songs and movies, I know it won’t coz I’ve already loved but He has his will and I should just make a good choice for my life.

Lastly, like Shamsey I will make my list too. 🙂

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