My top 5 favourite Korean cosmetics!

Even though I might be far away from Asia I am still up to date to the trends in Korea most especially when it comes to fashion, drama and make-ups. Back then, buying a BB cream which is a distance near to me needs a little saving from my weekly allowance of 800 pesos, but now that I am working  while studying, I find it ironic that I have the money but I’m no longer accessible to my favourite cosmetics. So the thing when you do an online beauty shopping, you don’t get to try it if it suits you or not and returning isn’t as easy as riding a cab, you need an airplane!

Here are my top 5 list of must have Korean cosmetics, which are very ideal to everyday exposure to sunlight. stress and dust.


1. Beauty blender is the newest bandwagon in the West and Korea got one too in a very cute box, which will certainly make any customer have a second look. Aside from the packaging, this sponge is also an ideal make-up applicator. Imagine how many brushes does one need to apply a make up, when this sponge can just be all in one. It is really handy and easy to clean, perfect for any girls out there who are on the go!



2. This is the BB moisturizer. I don’t usually use it during the day since I have my Etude House base and Missha BB cream but this is really perfect to apply overnight. Without being too greasy and too heavy, you will be relaxed with its smell as it moisturizes your skin.


3. Tony Moly’s Aura set. Although I haven’t really tried this set, I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks about this Aura beam and Aura BB cream. In fact, Etude House just recently released their own Aura set with Tony Moly as its competitor. My favorite shopping site is also giving an Aura free trial kit as part of their promotions.


4. Etude House’s eyeliner is another must use! I always find myself wearing an eyeliner since this is the signature make-up in the Korean scene. You’ll either have it winged or thin, eyeliner is indeed a necessity.

IMG_00015. A spray of Etude house mist is great for a Korean like glow. This is not very advisable during summer, but really great in winter to keep your skin hydrated and protected from dust.

What are you waiting for? Google now and get yours too! Always remembers, Asian skin suits Asian cosmetics. 🙂 lmao.


Travel must haves, the K-drama way!

Korean way of travelling is a little different from the rest. Unless you are influenced by an Asian or Korean, one won’t know how fun it is to travel the Korean drama way. So as summer is fast approaching,  here are some of the things a Korean drama fan must have when it comes to travelling.

1. Monopod – the selfie gadget

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I haven’t seen any Korean drama, wherein the characters have used a monopod. This is in the list because Korea is known for selca (self capturewhich now known as ‘selfie’.


2. Backpack – the Park Shin Hye travel

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Backpack is quite common but it is always a must have in any Korean drama, may it be in school, work or even travelling.

Park Shin Hye as Lee Gyu Won also had a back pack when she travelled to Jeju island in the Korean drama Heartstrings.


3. High heeled rubber shoes – be a KPOP star



Koreans are so into looks, which includes height and everything nice. A rubber shoes which has a hidden heel is perfect for any Korean drama themed getaway.

4. Sunscreen from Etude House

Asian cosmetics for Asian skin
Asian cosmetics for Asian skin (sorry for the img quality)

This isn’t only a Sunscreen but is a BB base which makes the skin perfect in a single application. It also smells good and feels very light upon applying on your face.

5. Polaroid – capture yourself.

Though we already have a Monopod in the list, Polaroid should also be in the list because some things aren’t just meant to be shared to everyone and some pictures should just be printed sooner.

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Have a happy vacation the Korean way! 🙂


The last time I dyed my hair; I was using Etude House Natural Brown color and now I’m here in Canada and need some touch-up for my hair color, I decided to use a western brand Nice and Easy, where they are both foam and almost every procedures are the same. The difference is just there’s a free body cover in Etude House and but Nice and Easy don’t, just gloves.

Well I used and I didn’t like the foam. So the hair color doesn’t reach the back part of my hair especially my hair is already attracted to each other that it is already hard to remove.

But so far, though this hair color is nothing compared to Etude House, here’s my new hair color.

Korean Fever in the Philippines.

So it all started with the F4 fever; Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan, Barbie Xiu, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu… Every Korean fan girl or if there’s even a fan boy knows them. Since ABS-CBN aired Meteor Garden on May 05. 2003 everything about media has changed. Filipino telenovelas who usually took 3 to 5 years before it end lengths shorter and it’s no Mexicanovelas era but more of an Asian style.

Every Korean girl’s celebrity first love? Jerry Yan would be the majority’s answer. It was the Taiwanese who started it, but all of a sudden, Korean dramas, movies, and music are dominating the whole Asia. I don’t know what happened, but I love the changes. Sometimes I hope that Philippines would be like other countries like Thailand, Taiwan or Japan where Korean pop and dramas are highly anticipated and Korean stars often visit the mentioned countries to promote. But sadly, my country is still westernized and only 15% to 25% of the PH’s population are into the Korean fandom. (Except when it comes to Korean drama)


The very first Korean drama in the Philippines is Endless Love: Autumn In My Heart which stars Song Hye Gyo who even got even more popular after GMA 7 aired Full House. If there would be a history in the Philippine television, Full house and Meteor Garden got all the love and support of the Filipino people because these two dramas reached the highest rating where they respectively ranked 1st and 2nd in the Korean drama list ratings in the Philippines.



Some Koreans happened to be a celebrity in Philippines, which one example happened to be a no secret, now that she has become a sensational Korean idol hallyu star after leaving her career in the Philippines to be able to enter her own (Korean) industry. Who am I talking about? It is 2NE1’s Sandara Park. When she was still a contestant in Star Circle Quest, I was already a big fan of her! I have watched all of her movies and have seen how her love life had developed in the Philippine showbizness. So, when she happened to be a member of the girl group singing ‘eh-eh-eh-2ne1’. I was really crazy and I was so proud of her that she really loves Filipinos that she never fails to mention us to the point of speaking the Filipino language in Korean TV. Sandara Park is a Korean but has the Filipino heart.

2NE1's Dara

Another Korean who has the Filipino heart is Ryan Bang. Oh! I love this guy, I actually have seen him personally and he is really an amazing guy. Check this video, how he really loves Filipinos.

Ryan Bang in Showtime

Ryan doesn’t even want to talk to 2PM’s ex-leader

When we were in Showtime, Ryan Bang was so approachable and he even bother go down the stairs so that we could have a picture with him. Fvck those guards, who blocked him. J J J


Korean restaurants near our university, University of Santo Tomas are always full! Despite of the foods’ expensive prices that would worth 100 Php – 200 Php a meal without any drink, students and outsiders are still making an effort to eat in such restaurants. There’s just this something about Korean cuisine that I really love. I don’t know what it is, maybe if the Japanese are more on oil and Chinese are more on spices with Koreans everything’s less. Imagine, eating healthy food with such awesome taste, the price is really worth it! One example of the food that I love eating in a Korean restaurant is bibimbap and their ice cream.

CNBlue's YongHwa cooked for SNSD's SeuHyun on WGM


If there’s one thing that wasn’t dominated by the Koreans; it is the radio or airwaves. K-pop isn’t that much appreciated in the Philippines, well even there are Filipino HOTTESTs, VIPs, BEAUTYs, ELFs, SayAs, I’AMs, SOSHIs, BLACKJACKs and WONDERFULs what’s supplementing our cravings (I AM HOTTEST = 2AM & 2PM fangirl) to some Korean music is the internet streaming in Youtube or any other site and MYX’s Asian Myx (If I am right?). But when it comes to radio, korean pop is seldom heard. And if there’s any Korean song being played in the radio it will be JYPe’s Nobody by Wonder Girls or any Wonder Girls English songs like Nothing On You which I just heard yesterday (10/11/11).



With Korean fashion that I hailed a lot, I can say that it is where almost all my allowances are going to. Korean fashion is about exploring, mixed and matched and letting cuteness stand out. Putting a simple v-neck shirt and a cardigan while using a skinny jeans and chucks for boys would make a guy a Korean fashionista. Take John Lloyd Cruz’s fashion sense; you may think it is westernized but in a Korean way. For girls a shirt and a sando above it with skirt or shorts or pants plus any doll shoes can make you a Korean fashionista. With Korean fashion it is only about putting two to three attires in your body; what matters most is that you’ll look cute or if not cute somewhat rebellious like 2ne1’s. Just try to put anything but beware of your color combinations because it might cause you to become a fashion terrorist.

JJOHN LLOYD CRUZ, Korean like outfit.

F(X)'s Sulli

It is started with Taiwanese and now Korean rules; with these changes supporting them doesn’t mean you are not being Nationalistic. It is just a matter of giving yourself some taste of difference and going into the trend. If there’s nothing bad with what you are doing then let’s keep doing this. Just look at me, I am exploring my interest in Korean thingy with this blog and I am able to share different things to my subscribers and readers.

Author: Krizia Ellery C. Maranan

Disclaimer: Except for my article, I don’t own any picture or videos.


On January 5th, TV Report released the data results they’ve compiled from various advertisement and model contracting companies in order to find the most expensive celebrity figures of 2011.

The data they’ve published were updated as of January 2011, and consists of appearance and contract fees paid to singers for year-long contracts.

So who are the most expensive CF stars?

According to the results, Rain and Big Bang were classified under ‘Special A Class’ in the industry, and are both worth $1 million to $1.5 million USD.

2PM, SNSD, Lee Hyori, Lee Min Ho and 2NE1 were placed in the $800,000 to $900,000 USD sector, while BoA followed at $700,000 to $800,000 USD.

Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hyun Joong, Jay Park, Super Junior, JYJ, Son Dambi, and the Wonder Girls placed at $500,000 to $600,000 USD.

2AM, CNBLUE, KARA, 4minute, MBLAQ, and After School (excluding UEE) are worth a minimum of $400,000 USD. After School’s UEE exceeds that amount.

IU, FT Island, Seo In Young, and SECRET were revealed to have been in discussion for $200,000 to $300,000 USD.

Of course, the true worth of a star cannot be determined by numbers, but the numbers give better insight into the commercial aspect of the stars.

Source : TV Report via Daum

Credit : Allkpop

Lee Seung Gi LOVES Moon Chae Won TO DEATH

It seems for those who haven’t watched or heard of Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s episode of the variety show, ‘Strong Heart’ were surprised of what Seung Gi had said last SBS Drama Awards.

According to LSGfan:

Strong Heart’s PD Park and his crew just love to bring on all sorts of people who are connected to the MCs, especially those connected to Seunggi…

Actress Moon ChaeWon (aka SeungMi) reunited with Seunggi after a long time. They had acted together in last year’s drama Brilliant Legacy, and she recently met him as a guest on SBS variety show Strong Heart recording. It was revealed that Moon ChaeWon and SeungGi still keep in touch via mobile text message. In addition to her connection to SeungGi, Moon ChaeWon’s story about the ups and downs in life that led up to her debut received a lot of attention. This Strong Heart episode will broadcast on November 23rd.

What’s up with Seunggi’s Brilliant Legacy acting partners dishing about text messaging with Seunggi? First it was HyoJoo, and now ChaeWon? Will Bae SooBin also reveal he’s been text-messaging with Seunggi too?! Actually, I really like SooBin and hope to see him and Seunggi reunited again soon too.

Seeing ChaeWon on the Brilliant Legacy Yashimanman special, she’s so incredibly shy and that was her first variety show appearance, so I’m really curious to see how she’ll be on Strong Heart, especially with Seunggi as MC.

Also, Seunggi notoriously shocked Brilliant Legacy fans when he chose ChaeWon over HyoJoo in his ideal girl world cup last year. And, personally, I think he was being totally honest. Personality aside, in terms of looks (which was the main criterion), I think Seunggi likes the more glamorous looking type! Hm, will match-maker extraordinaire Hodong bring this up?!

So it seems that like Jang Geun Suk who didn’t choose Park Shin Hye, her leading lady in his drama, You’re Beautiful in ‘MY IDEAL WORLD CUP’, Lee Seung Gi also did the same.

But the chemistry in real life between these two artists are great.




SBS officials have also revealed that Lee Minho’s comeback drama, “City Hunter”, will be delayed to a May broadcast instead of the original March schedule. No specific reasons were given for the delay.

“City Hunter” is an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga of the same name.

Cr: AllKPop’s Twitter.

Jang Geun Suk-Park Shin Hye Forever! (via Scribbles of the Insane)

They are my favorite couple FOREVER!!! =)

Jang Geun Suk-Park Shin Hye Forever! A collection of JGS-PSH articles 🙂 "JGS always has weird, funny, SPARKLING, mysterious smiles when they're together(PSH and JGS) including when somebody talks to him about Shin Hye or when she's mentioned. JGS  talks about her a lot..way too much if you ask me!! He's so fond of her.  ShinHye in return acknowledges every single sweetness and tease and does the same to Sukkie. And the way Sukkie loves to kiss ShinHye(purposely kissing her on kissi … Read More

via Scribbles of the Insane


Well, that’s just a title. I’m actually rooting for these two stars to star and be a lead couple for a drama.

Just to let you know, I am actually a sukkIehye (Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye) shipper, but liking Lee Min Ho too much makes me have some thoughts WHAT IF, Shin-hye and Min-ho have a drama together.

Both of them are Etude House endorsers and frankly, when I hated Lee Min ho before, (that’s past tense!) ^^ I once said, that they don’t have chemistry, but believe me, it’s not that I now like Lee Min Ho, but watching their Etude interviews and behind the scenes in Youtube makes me laugh. I know it’s pure friendship and it must ONLY stay with that because Shinhye is for Geunsuk. But I really want them to have a series together. 🙂