Lee Seung Gi LOVES Moon Chae Won TO DEATH

It seems for those who haven’t watched or heard of Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s episode of the variety show, ‘Strong Heart’ were surprised of what Seung Gi had said last SBS Drama Awards.

According to LSGfan:

Strong Heart’s PD Park and his crew just love to bring on all sorts of people who are connected to the MCs, especially those connected to Seunggi…

Actress Moon ChaeWon (aka SeungMi) reunited with Seunggi after a long time. They had acted together in last year’s drama Brilliant Legacy, and she recently met him as a guest on SBS variety show Strong Heart recording. It was revealed that Moon ChaeWon and SeungGi still keep in touch via mobile text message. In addition to her connection to SeungGi, Moon ChaeWon’s story about the ups and downs in life that led up to her debut received a lot of attention. This Strong Heart episode will broadcast on November 23rd.

What’s up with Seunggi’s Brilliant Legacy acting partners dishing about text messaging with Seunggi? First it was HyoJoo, and now ChaeWon? Will Bae SooBin also reveal he’s been text-messaging with Seunggi too?! Actually, I really like SooBin and hope to see him and Seunggi reunited again soon too.

Seeing ChaeWon on the Brilliant Legacy Yashimanman special, she’s so incredibly shy and that was her first variety show appearance, so I’m really curious to see how she’ll be on Strong Heart, especially with Seunggi as MC.

Also, Seunggi notoriously shocked Brilliant Legacy fans when he chose ChaeWon over HyoJoo in his ideal girl world cup last year. And, personally, I think he was being totally honest. Personality aside, in terms of looks (which was the main criterion), I think Seunggi likes the more glamorous looking type! Hm, will match-maker extraordinaire Hodong bring this up?!

So it seems that like Jang Geun Suk who didn’t choose Park Shin Hye, her leading lady in his drama, You’re Beautiful in ‘MY IDEAL WORLD CUP’, Lee Seung Gi also did the same.

But the chemistry in real life between these two artists are great.

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