REVIEW: 2PM’S Jun K. Alive

So ‘I AM A HOTTEST’ (2PM & 2AM fans)! And I must admit, that Jun K or Junsu is my most not-so-liked member in 2PM. I don’t know why! Maybe because of he’s the least handsome or whatsoever.

When I first read an article in AllkPop that he’ll be having a solo album! I was really mad or throwing tantrums over JYPE’s twitter. HAHA! ‘Why does it have to be him?’, ‘It must be the one who’s acting leader first, which is Ok Taecyeon!’ Stuffs like that.

And then I viewed the video and I find it somewhat BigBang’s GDragon rap style somewhere where JunKi’s rapping. Actually I find the whole song, a GD song, if you understand what I actually mean. But the ‘This is, this is, this is’ part in the first stanzas, is causing me to have a LAST SONG SYNDROME; with just a single listening experience, the whole day; I was singing the ‘This is…’ part which I wrote here as a compliment to JunKi’s composing ability.

The song might be like a G-Dragon song, but the way he sing it and rap it, he proves that he can actually match with the BIGBANG leader! No wonder, that’s why he’s the voice of 2PM.


I was really anticipating for this girl group comeback; Being able to watch YongSeo couple’s 50 episodes in We Got Married, made me love these 9 Stunning girls of SM Entertainment. Another factor is that being a JYP Entertainment bias since I’ve seen Dream High, made me think that SNSD is my opponent since JYPE made an announcement that they are seeing SNSD as something ‘like’ rival or anything for Wonder Girls. (I’m not sure with it, but check Allkpop)



So I guess, I was like, Uh-oh! I have to like Wonder Girls because it’s from JYPE & SNSD is a rival. But I’ll be doing this blog non-bias. Just to be open to my readers & subscribers.


‘THE BOYS’ was actually a boom! A bomb, where SNSD’s popularity is really no question. With just a night, its official MV gained 7 Million views! Its composer Teddy must have been really happy. At first, I find the song a ‘bummer’ because it is very different to what SNSD’s song I’m used to hear, like Gee or Genie or even Hoot. The Boys is actually a brand new sound for Sones because this song is actually made for SNSD’s level up career & debut in the US. So the beat was kinda a little electro-pop, good for the foreigners’ ear. J

I find the sound entertaining because of repeatedly watching their performance from Music Bank to Music Core to Inkigayo to MNET. The bummer impression was removed from me and I also find the two versions (English & Korean) interesting.

Now, I wish that what SM Entertainment expects, will happen. I love SNSD especially SeoHyun & Tiffany! I’m a JYPE bias, but I wish they would make it to US just like Wonder Girls did, cause that will be making more intense competition between these 2 groups. Anyway, WG’s comeback is also near so another fierce blog & fan war is expected.


Someone had liked me, but I’ve always liked another. He’s seriously the only person, I have loved. The only person, I’ve wished to the stars, to the 11:11, the only person that in my whole life, I have consumed more than half of my age just loving him. I’ve always said, I love him, UNCONDITIONALLY… No holds – barred. We’ve been friends since age 7 and at what point did I ever start feeling something for him… I’ll leave it as a secret.

I’ve seen him like & love girls, be in a relationship & failed. He has always been my first love, which no matter how many days, months, and years will pass, this feeling he gave me won’t be changed. What I always felt for him, he surely feel this to other. He also has his first love. His first love that no matter how many times, time not allowed them, after another or so, he’ll always find a way to be next to her.

Silly as it may seem. What I felt for him, he felt the same way to another. A never ending cycle! Now he’s on his 4th time trying to grab the chance of his luck. Seeing him grab his’, my eyes are tired, to give a piece of a crap tear for him. I’ve always been looking at him, but where the hell is the time for me to grab the luck of my own? I doubt, never.

I would like to regret everything. But I can’t. Loving him is the biggest mistake I committed. He opened my mind & heart to what love is. He taught be to feel this silly feeling and I would love to curse him that because of teaching me, I learned how to cry in nights before sleeping, how I learned to act like everything’s okay & normal, though it fucking hurts already with anyone to anybody. I would love to regret it, but this mistake is the happiest, bitter – sweet mistake I’ve ever had. It is like a drug; I would like to continue consuming this, though the consequence could kill or make me worst.

When I was a child, I had vowed to myself to love him forever, til the day that I marry someone. Let’s see where this crazy first love could really bring me.

REVIEW: City Hunter.

After watching ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and get stunned by his physique in ‘Personal Taste’, I’ve long waited to watch for Lee Min Ho’s third series as the lead star. The wait might be so long after its airing was moved from May 2011 instead of March 2011, but the wait is really worth it.

From its very first episode, City Hunter proved that it is one of the best Korean dramas to watch for! It all started with the past; his father, mother and a friend that would have a great twist of plot at the end that the watcher wouldn’t be able to forget.

It is not a typical action – love story where everything focuses on the lead star’s love life. (Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young) Well, I bet to say, if you’re going to watch this drama just to find out how the hell Lee Min Ho is freakingly taken already by Min Young, you wouldn’t see any trace of how they ended up together. Because seriously, there’s not much sweet scenes from Kim Nana &  Yoon Sung.  Well at the beginning of the story, it is cute but as the story progresses the story would focus not on the love story of Yoon Sung but with his relationship to his father.



I’m a person who’s not that into action or anything family related stuffs, because I find it boring but with the family story here in City Hunter every episode is a must watch where you want to end an episode to be able to watch the next episode.

You will also be amazed with the technology used in this series. J So, after reading this, download or buy a dvd as soon as possible! You won’t regret watching this series.

Lastly, Recently, Lee Min Ho won as the Best Actor for City Hunter. And I just can’t wait to see more awards for him.

THIS IS THE END: We Change, We Wait.

I had this shirt and instead of giggling & feel like my heart is pounding like what others are expecting me to do, I realized what I had lost and If ever gain anything?

I’m always vocal about friends and over-time-relationship that it isn’t good & a big NO, No! Because what was built will be gone someday, sooner or later. I never thought I will be able to like a person I used to call a friend, a manager. I admit there was an attraction from the very first glance but I’m hating the day that I admitted it.

Looking back; He was a manager, a boss. We ‘were’ able to ask him drink SoJu with us without any hesitations. He has able to boost my talent and keep the flame burning with my love for K-POP as he always lets us perform in his organization where he was the President.

Having this shirt; I remembered how we are used to be. How I asked this shirt before in Tan Yan Kee, 2nd floor & how casually he declined in a very very frank manner. Almost a year had passed and I had received this shirt where I have to act like there’s no strings of any feelings, because everyone has been asking me to stop seeing him my moon.

If I could go back in time, I should have just kept everything.


The news my dad has been waiting for, has arrived! There’s the VISA but everything’s unsettled yet. I studied college and my tertiary learning has to be stopped… Not because I’m sick or pregnant or financial matters but because everything I ought to do will be surely useless, a waste of time, a waste of money.

What I’m just thinking is the picture of my blockmates studying together and having fun, while I’m doing nothing; staring at the four corner wall of any room in our house. I just feel so sad for myself. I realized, with all the decisions of my family; I am the one who’s greatly affected.


I was like a nut few seconds ago after reading in the Bigbang Updates, that T.OP’s BigBang will be starring in the Korean version of Absolute Boyfriend which recetly had a Taiwanese version that stars Wu Chun and Korean actress, Goo Hye Sun.

After a while, I saw in my timeline to trend #Taec99days on Sunday. So I researched, what happened that I didn’t know this ‘99 days‘ ?! And the heck! This article from soompi made me more crazy! CLICK!

And I seriously, wanna watch this Japanese drama that will debut my Taec’s career. I just wish it will be a big hit because he is a 2PM member despite of news about Kim Tae Hee, hating by the Japanese people. CLICK!

Another drama to look forward for. Chansung of 2PM was also casted in a Japanese drama, if I am not mistaken.

A QUESTION BLOG: For Filipinos in Canada.

Hello. I just want to ask something. My dad and mom has been waiting our Visa. I am now 3rd Year College in UST; 18yrs. old. Well, Im just so so scared what will happen to me when I got there in Canada. Am I gonna be a High-school student? Or I’ll be a college student? If Highschool? What should I expect to the new environment? Im really really scared and i desperately need some advice.

Please do leave your comments. I’m a teenager so I’m afraid of getting bullied. I’m a college student so I’m afraid to go back to high school in such a different world. I really have a lot of fears. So please help me.

Korean Fever in the Philippines.

So it all started with the F4 fever; Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan, Barbie Xiu, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu… Every Korean fan girl or if there’s even a fan boy knows them. Since ABS-CBN aired Meteor Garden on May 05. 2003 everything about media has changed. Filipino telenovelas who usually took 3 to 5 years before it end lengths shorter and it’s no Mexicanovelas era but more of an Asian style.

Every Korean girl’s celebrity first love? Jerry Yan would be the majority’s answer. It was the Taiwanese who started it, but all of a sudden, Korean dramas, movies, and music are dominating the whole Asia. I don’t know what happened, but I love the changes. Sometimes I hope that Philippines would be like other countries like Thailand, Taiwan or Japan where Korean pop and dramas are highly anticipated and Korean stars often visit the mentioned countries to promote. But sadly, my country is still westernized and only 15% to 25% of the PH’s population are into the Korean fandom. (Except when it comes to Korean drama)


The very first Korean drama in the Philippines is Endless Love: Autumn In My Heart which stars Song Hye Gyo who even got even more popular after GMA 7 aired Full House. If there would be a history in the Philippine television, Full house and Meteor Garden got all the love and support of the Filipino people because these two dramas reached the highest rating where they respectively ranked 1st and 2nd in the Korean drama list ratings in the Philippines.



Some Koreans happened to be a celebrity in Philippines, which one example happened to be a no secret, now that she has become a sensational Korean idol hallyu star after leaving her career in the Philippines to be able to enter her own (Korean) industry. Who am I talking about? It is 2NE1’s Sandara Park. When she was still a contestant in Star Circle Quest, I was already a big fan of her! I have watched all of her movies and have seen how her love life had developed in the Philippine showbizness. So, when she happened to be a member of the girl group singing ‘eh-eh-eh-2ne1’. I was really crazy and I was so proud of her that she really loves Filipinos that she never fails to mention us to the point of speaking the Filipino language in Korean TV. Sandara Park is a Korean but has the Filipino heart.

2NE1's Dara

Another Korean who has the Filipino heart is Ryan Bang. Oh! I love this guy, I actually have seen him personally and he is really an amazing guy. Check this video, how he really loves Filipinos.

Ryan Bang in Showtime

Ryan doesn’t even want to talk to 2PM’s ex-leader

When we were in Showtime, Ryan Bang was so approachable and he even bother go down the stairs so that we could have a picture with him. Fvck those guards, who blocked him. J J J


Korean restaurants near our university, University of Santo Tomas are always full! Despite of the foods’ expensive prices that would worth 100 Php – 200 Php a meal without any drink, students and outsiders are still making an effort to eat in such restaurants. There’s just this something about Korean cuisine that I really love. I don’t know what it is, maybe if the Japanese are more on oil and Chinese are more on spices with Koreans everything’s less. Imagine, eating healthy food with such awesome taste, the price is really worth it! One example of the food that I love eating in a Korean restaurant is bibimbap and their ice cream.

CNBlue's YongHwa cooked for SNSD's SeuHyun on WGM


If there’s one thing that wasn’t dominated by the Koreans; it is the radio or airwaves. K-pop isn’t that much appreciated in the Philippines, well even there are Filipino HOTTESTs, VIPs, BEAUTYs, ELFs, SayAs, I’AMs, SOSHIs, BLACKJACKs and WONDERFULs what’s supplementing our cravings (I AM HOTTEST = 2AM & 2PM fangirl) to some Korean music is the internet streaming in Youtube or any other site and MYX’s Asian Myx (If I am right?). But when it comes to radio, korean pop is seldom heard. And if there’s any Korean song being played in the radio it will be JYPe’s Nobody by Wonder Girls or any Wonder Girls English songs like Nothing On You which I just heard yesterday (10/11/11).



With Korean fashion that I hailed a lot, I can say that it is where almost all my allowances are going to. Korean fashion is about exploring, mixed and matched and letting cuteness stand out. Putting a simple v-neck shirt and a cardigan while using a skinny jeans and chucks for boys would make a guy a Korean fashionista. Take John Lloyd Cruz’s fashion sense; you may think it is westernized but in a Korean way. For girls a shirt and a sando above it with skirt or shorts or pants plus any doll shoes can make you a Korean fashionista. With Korean fashion it is only about putting two to three attires in your body; what matters most is that you’ll look cute or if not cute somewhat rebellious like 2ne1’s. Just try to put anything but beware of your color combinations because it might cause you to become a fashion terrorist.

JJOHN LLOYD CRUZ, Korean like outfit.

F(X)'s Sulli

It is started with Taiwanese and now Korean rules; with these changes supporting them doesn’t mean you are not being Nationalistic. It is just a matter of giving yourself some taste of difference and going into the trend. If there’s nothing bad with what you are doing then let’s keep doing this. Just look at me, I am exploring my interest in Korean thingy with this blog and I am able to share different things to my subscribers and readers.

Author: Krizia Ellery C. Maranan

Disclaimer: Except for my article, I don’t own any picture or videos.

OK TAECYEON! A blog made for him and 2PM.

There’s this story how I liked 2PM. CLICK HERE! I wasn’t supposed to, but I fell for their hot bodies, cool attitudes, handsome faces and charismatic appeal. I have been seeing their music videos on MYX but it is only now that I appreciated them. All thanks to JYP’s DREAM HIGH.


My bias?! It’s no other than Ok Taecyeon! Who he was before and who is now, I love him. He has this ‘beastly’ look and talent but his true fans know that he is the most adorable k-pop idol ever!!! He’s jolly, funny and humorous. You’ll know it, just search a video of him on Youtube / UCC.


I also believe that since Jay Park left 2PM, Taec has been the acting leader of 2PM and he had received all the responsibility to promote his group, 2PM from then til’ now. He’s not just a rapper, but a singer. He’s an actor and an effective endorser.

Another thing among 2PM members, Taecyeon has the most number of controversies (an evidence of his popularity) to other girl groups like SNSD where he’s name was attached to 2 soshis; Jessica and Yoona. With Yoona, it was the loudest controversy and even named as scandal having a couple ring. Many wished for them to appear in We Got Married, but sadly, the issue faded without them being casted on the reality show. Recently, Taec was spotted having a coffee date with another Soshi, named Jessica in Japan. Both parties denied the issue with the statement that it is just a friendly meeting. He also had a slip of tongue on Strong Heart declaring that he knows Jessica’s number. He was also linked to another girl group and label mate, MISS A’s Suzy after being her leading man in the series Dream High.

Whoever he chooses to be his girlfriend, I won’t be like any other fan who’s bashing their idol. I will support him in his decisions especially when it comes to his love life. 🙂

Yoona and Taec

Jessica and Taec: Japan Date Controversy

Lastly, I didn’t appreciate any rap song withing my 18 years of existence until now, because of this guy. He’s the best example of a ‘flattery that hasn’t chewed’. I swear to love this guy forever. He’s actually my most loved k-pop idol.