REVIEW: 2PM’S Jun K. Alive

So ‘I AM A HOTTEST’ (2PM & 2AM fans)! And I must admit, that Jun K or Junsu is my most not-so-liked member in 2PM. I don’t know why! Maybe because of he’s the least handsome or whatsoever. When I first read an article in AllkPop that he’ll be having a solo album! I was [...]


I was really anticipating for this girl group comeback; Being able to watch YongSeo couple’s 50 episodes in We Got Married, made me love these 9 Stunning girls of SM Entertainment. Another factor is that being a JYP Entertainment bias since I’ve seen Dream High, made me think that SNSD is my opponent since JYPE [...]


Someone had liked me, but I’ve always liked another. He’s seriously the only person, I have loved. The only person, I’ve wished to the stars, to the 11:11, the only person that in my whole life, I have consumed more than half of my age just loving him. I’ve always said, I love him, UNCONDITIONALLY… [...]

REVIEW: City Hunter.

After watching ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and get stunned by his physique in ‘Personal Taste’, I’ve long waited to watch for Lee Min Ho’s third series as the lead star. The wait might be so long after its airing was moved from May 2011 instead of March 2011, but the wait is really worth it. From [...]

THIS IS THE END: We Change, We Wait.

I had this shirt and instead of giggling & feel like my heart is pounding like what others are expecting me to do, I realized what I had lost and If ever gain anything? I'm always vocal about friends and over-time-relationship that it isn't good & a big NO, No! Because what was built will [...]


The news my dad has been waiting for, has arrived! There's the VISA but everything's unsettled yet. I studied college and my tertiary learning has to be stopped... Not because I'm sick or pregnant or financial matters but because everything I ought to do will be surely useless, a waste of time, a waste of [...]


I was like a nut few seconds ago after reading in the Bigbang Updates, that T.OP's BigBang will be starring in the Korean version of Absolute Boyfriend which recetly had a Taiwanese version that stars Wu Chun and Korean actress, Goo Hye Sun. After a while, I saw in my timeline to trend #Taec99days on [...]

A QUESTION BLOG: For Filipinos in Canada.

Hello. I just want to ask something. My dad and mom has been waiting our Visa. I am now 3rd Year College in UST; 18yrs. old. Well, Im just so so scared what will happen to me when I got there in Canada. Am I gonna be a High-school student? Or I'll be a college [...]

Korean Fever in the Philippines.

So it all started with the F4 fever; Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan, Barbie Xiu, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu… Every Korean fan girl or if there’s even a fan boy knows them. Since ABS-CBN aired Meteor Garden on May 05. 2003 everything about media has changed. Filipino telenovelas who usually took 3 to [...]

OK TAECYEON! A blog made for him and 2PM.

There's this story how I liked 2PM. CLICK HERE! I wasn't supposed to, but I fell for their hot bodies, cool attitudes, handsome faces and charismatic appeal. I have been seeing their music videos on MYX but it is only now that I appreciated them. All thanks to JYP's DREAM HIGH. My bias?! It's no [...]