REVIEW: City Hunter.

After watching ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and get stunned by his physique in ‘Personal Taste’, I’ve long waited to watch for Lee Min Ho’s third series as the lead star. The wait might be so long after its airing was moved from May 2011 instead of March 2011, but the wait is really worth it.

From its very first episode, City Hunter proved that it is one of the best Korean dramas to watch for! It all started with the past; his father, mother and a friend that would have a great twist of plot at the end that the watcher wouldn’t be able to forget.

It is not a typical action – love story where everything focuses on the lead star’s love life. (Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young) Well, I bet to say, if you’re going to watch this drama just to find out how the hell Lee Min Ho is freakingly taken already by Min Young, you wouldn’t see any trace of how they ended up together. Because seriously, there’s not much sweet scenes from Kim Nana &  Yoon Sung.  Well at the beginning of the story, it is cute but as the story progresses the story would focus not on the love story of Yoon Sung but with his relationship to his father.



I’m a person who’s not that into action or anything family related stuffs, because I find it boring but with the family story here in City Hunter every episode is a must watch where you want to end an episode to be able to watch the next episode.

You will also be amazed with the technology used in this series. J So, after reading this, download or buy a dvd as soon as possible! You won’t regret watching this series.

Lastly, Recently, Lee Min Ho won as the Best Actor for City Hunter. And I just can’t wait to see more awards for him.

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