THIS IS THE END: We Change, We Wait.

I had this shirt and instead of giggling & feel like my heart is pounding like what others are expecting me to do, I realized what I had lost and If ever gain anything?

I’m always vocal about friends and over-time-relationship that it isn’t good & a big NO, No! Because what was built will be gone someday, sooner or later. I never thought I will be able to like a person I used to call a friend, a manager. I admit there was an attraction from the very first glance but I’m hating the day that I admitted it.

Looking back; He was a manager, a boss. We ‘were’ able to ask him drink SoJu with us without any hesitations. He has able to boost my talent and keep the flame burning with my love for K-POP as he always lets us perform in his organization where he was the President.

Having this shirt; I remembered how we are used to be. How I asked this shirt before in Tan Yan Kee, 2nd floor & how casually he declined in a very very frank manner. Almost a year had passed and I had received this shirt where I have to act like there’s no strings of any feelings, because everyone has been asking me to stop seeing him my moon.

If I could go back in time, I should have just kept everything.

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