“Yes, we’re calling an entire country gay, because it is. Repressed homosexuality in Korea abounds and it’s up to people like the equally flaming Jaebum to call all those Koreans out on it. As we’ve stated before it takes one to know one. And considering how omg mad Koreans get at anyone remotely homosexual, we’ve decided to please K-pop fans on a whole and call the whole damn country gay. Hope you’re all happy because the overseas fans are next on its Turning People Gay scheme. I mean, the country looks like a penis for fuck’s sake.”

Korean Beef

We’ve all done it. You know, slash Woo Hyuk with Tony An. Bi-Rain with JYP. Yoona with yourself. Korean Beef has decided to go the extra mile and use their extra-sensitive gaydars to pinpoint the people in K-pop who are most likely to be homosexual.

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Album 5.5 ‘Forest’ Return MV – Lee Seung Gi

Jeez. why do I feel like after leaving Strong Heart, he wanna be back in people’s everyday eye. 🙂

Everything Lee Seung Gi

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REVIEW: Nice Guy/Innocent Man


And you’ve probably seen Sungkyunkwan Scandal, got familiarized with Yeorim, Song Joong Ki’s character in that gender bender comedy drama; now Song Joong Ki recently concluded highly rated melodrama, Innocent Guy has finished and I’m in front of my laptop summing up all the ideas and feelings I could write to make this review. And before you start watching, you better remove the schema of Yeorim in your head and his playful side because you’ll love a serious side from Song Joong Ki’s role as Kang Ma Ru.

I expected this drama to be very nice, I only watch the dramas who has either a popular star on it or the one who has a high rating in Korea. With this drama, what am I going to ask for? The lead role is Song Joong Ki that I’ve missed seeing after SKKS and Moon Chae Won’s first lead role in a small screen if I am not mistaken plus it was the highest rating in Korea for the Wed-Thurs timeslot and it didn’t disappoint me. It started very light that every teenager could probably relate themselves, FIRST LOVE. And suddenly switching the lights into a dimmer view of the evil that money can bring to one person and that how this story goes on, life’s reality.  I’m not going to spoil anyone okay?!

These are the things I’ve noticed spending 20 hours of my life watching Innocent Man/Nice Guy:

  • I am thankful that this drama is from KBS2 and not from SBS, Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won must be the Best Actor and Actress for this year’s Drama Awards because all this time I’ve been rooting Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince for the drama awards and after seeing this drama my mind started wavering and it is a good thing both series are from different networks.
  • I love how Song Joong Ki made an acting transition from very funny to a little evil romantic guy. It made me see his different angles as an actor that made me appreciate him more with his skills.
  • Moon Chae Won’s acting is one to commend to. She can be a bitch and sweet lady in one series, no doubt she is a pro. And her eyes are just something really expressive, I’m scared when she’s mad and happy other way around very different from her role in Shining Inheritance and My Fair Lady. I can’t think of any actress to play the role of Seo Eun Gi other than Moon Chae Won.

  • Soong Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won’s overflowing chemistry on screen is really undeniable and ignorable, when they fight I feel the pain, when they kiss I feel my knees go weak, when they hug I can feel their warmth and when they talk I know they are so inlove. It is just so perfect how the director made these actors at their best, after all behind the cameras you would see how close Joong Ki and Chae Won are. (My newest OTP)
  • If there would be best supporting actor, it has to be Lee Kwang Soo. He makes me laugh in this melodrama series and suddenly makes me shed a river of tears. Lee Kwang Soo’s character, Jae Gil, Choco and Jae Shin are the one that makes the whole story balanced especially with their effortless humor and twists, this drama happened to be not just a melodrama.
  • This series’ opening is just one of a kind, like the story it is full of foreshadowing and depicting how Kang Ma Ru’s feeling developed from the first episode until the last episode.

Nice Guy have given me real life’s lessons and I guess no matter how fictitious this story is, it is it’s advantage to other fantasy-romance drama. This might be cliched but it proved me the power of first love, second love, forgiveness and God. When Maru took the blame for Jae Hee’s murder and how he wanted to have revenge for betraying him is because of his too much love for Jae Hee is another proof of the quote “first love never dies,” but no matter how big the love is, it died that proved the saying, “love is lovelier the second time around.” It happened when unexpectedly Ma Ru have fallen for Eun Gi and how she changed him, his goals and his path. Lastly, I just love the ending so much that he got what he prayed for. Even this is just a drama, it proved the audience that God will let things happen in right time.

“I want to date like others, and be able to love like others. I want to start all over again. I think I prayed for those things. What kind of person she is… I would ask those who know her. And at times, I’d hang around outside her house. And at the times, I’d memorize all the songs of her favorite pop artist. I’d go to  the place she frequents and wait for her the whole day. I’d tell her I miss her if I miss her and I’d say I long for her when I do. I’d feel excitement, and gratitude. To date like other people, I think I prayed for it. And I say my prayers again… Thank you. Now I’m happy.” – Kang Ma Ru

I have the best words for this drama and I might be speechless enumerating everything but this drama is definitely worth watching for. You’ll be attached to every characters and it is like a journey sneaking to one’s life even though it is like riding a roller coaster ride with all the twists and turns, in the end you’ll get a satisfying feeling. 🙂

song that best describes my feeling

I don’t feel the same way anymore but somehow listening to this song puts me back to the feelings I once had.


How can I forget you
Memories come and go
You’re all I’ve ever wanted
You’re all I’ve ever known
Can I be happy
Living with your ghost
The pictures tell the story
I took them off the wall
It’s hard enough to get through
I still can feel the fall
Do you even think of me at all?

I want you
Only you (repeats)

I could start it over
And find somebody new
A beautiful distraction
Just a hand to hold on to
But if you ask me
Would that love be true?

I want you
Only you (repeats)

I wanna taste you again
Like a secret or a sin
Breathin’ out breathin in
There is no one else for me
But you
Only you

I want you
Only you
(I want you)


First and foremost, this could be applied to any nationality.

Anyone’s capable to love and so, this might be of help too, even the one you are trying to give your heart is not from Philippines. But since the writer is actually a Filipino based in North America, it is titled this way.

The 5 steps in this blog, doesn’t include courtship since it is more about the relationship these days where everything is fast unlike before, in a way that it is still conservative and decent.

1. NO PRESSURE, be friends.

No best foot forward, talk and daily conversations is the best way for the both of you to get to know each other. This is also the stage where you could think if you really like this girl.

MOST Filipino girls, are very friendly, but they are more friendly if they are attracted to the guy by looks. So just continue being yourself, and try to see if he’s treating you differently compared to other boys she is acquainted with.


This is actually a little step to the first one, chat always, text or talk her often but make sure not all the time. Make the girl missed you a little as well, so next time, she will be the one to start the conversation.


Then go with the basic, hang out. BUT not with your friends, just the two of you, lunch, movie and dinner. The choice is yours! But don’t  give signals yet that you like her, make her confused… treat her, because you initiated it. But if she asked to buy something for the both of you just say ‘yes’, that means there’s still a little friendly thing. But as a girl, when the guy says yes to this, we will think that this is more of a friendly one. That will actually make a reverse psychology.

Never dare kiss on a first date, thought that’s really knee weakening date if ever. Leave the day for her as a mystery.


This is the funniest and sweetest actually! Tease her but please, not physically, make it more about her habits and do it with humor (needs a lot of guts!) I bet if one would do this, the girl will tease you back about something and both of you will feel more comfortable to each other after your friendly/romantic date.

5. REAL THING? Yes. Confess.

Confession time. Mostly, people get stucked on the step 4, because they are now engaged in an EXCLUSIVELY DATING or MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING relationship, but if you want a commitment with each other which makes a lot of difference it is now the time to speak out your feelings!

Think of a way to confess, make it a little serious though, too much for all those cute attitude stuffs and maintain an eye contact if you are planning to say it face to face. If you want a snail mail or through technology, that is alright but it will be awkward in the first minutes you’ll meet each other as a couple.


– tsukuxia

BEST CONCERT blog: Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour in Manila

This is another dream concert for me. :”))

First – Nevershoutnever concert (I SAW MY IDOL CHRISTOFER DREW!! <3)

Second – A Rocket to the Moon Ayala Tour (NICK SANTINO BABY!!)

And just last April I watched the major concert of THE MAINE in Sky Dome (yes they’re my fave band ever!!)

— so nung nalaman kong pupunta ung BIGBANG dito, i really grab the chance. since si GD lang nman ung Korean artist na kinakabaliwan ko. Nagpareserve na kami ng ticket early September pa lang, to get the seat that we want. Closer to GD my loves :”):”)

OCTOBER 24, 2012 – the day that i’ve been waiting for.

  • we went to the OFFICIAL MERCH OF YG ENTERTAINMENT to buy some Bigbang stuffs. kahit sobrang mahal ng Bigbang Crown Light Stick, bumili talaga ako, para ma-feel ko ung performance nila sa MOA ARENA, and i think it’s a MUST for all VIPs :”)

  • while waiting for the concert, we ate @ Tokyo-Tokyo. gumawa na rin kami ng VIP headband 🙂 puro VIPs nakikita ko sa MOA that time. HAHA :))

  • di pa kami nakakapasok ng MOA Arena nababaliw na kami dahil sa malalaking posters ng Bigbang everywhere.. and their songs are continuously playing on the waiting area.

  • I HATE THIS PART. sobrang haba ng pila papuntang entrance ng MOA Arena, ang mali pa iisang entrance lang from VIP to Gen Ad. Though kampante naman kami kasi naka-reserve na samin ung seats, pero sobrang init sa labas and I think almost one hour kaming naghintay 😦

  • Okay, pag-start ng concert and when I saw GD’s face so close, hindi ko na alam gagawin ko. I’m screaming and jumping like there’s no tomorrow. Kung gwapo sya sa mga video na napapanuod ko, mas gwapo sya pag live. HE LOOKS LIKE A VAMPIRE, HE’S SO PERFECT KAHIT ANG PAYAT NYA HE’S SO HOT AND A TOTAL SWAGGER!! pag tumitingin sya samin with his snake-like eyes feeling ko mahihimatay na talaga ako. He will smirk, teasing us with his smile!!

  • During the concert we’re dancing and singing along with their songs. Halos mabasag ko na ung Bigbang crown light stick na hawak ko dahil sa kakasigaw :”):”) Lahat ng fave song ko kinanta nila! Lalo na ung Haru-Haru na all time favorite ko. 🙂 sympre di mawawala ung lahat ng songs na kasali sa Alive Album nila. The ever famous song– FANTASTIC BABY and BAD BOY. Kinanta din ni GD my loves ung new song nya na CRAYON at ONE OF A KIND. I ALMOST DIED..

  • infairness nakakapagod sumayaw, kumanta at sumigaw for ‘3 HOURS’ HAHAHA! pero sobrang saya, kahit dehydrated na kaming lahat!! sobrang galing mag-perform ng Bigbang, hindi nila kami binigo! ang dami nilang kinanta, and with that 3 HOURS they really show their love for their fans 🙂 Pero yung totoo, kay GD lang tlga ako nakatingin!! HAHA! parang sya lang gusto kong makita, kahit na gwapo nman silang lahat. IBA TALAGA SI GD EH, HOTNESS OVERLOAD lalo na pag sumasayaw sya. SWAGGER BABY!! ❤

  • I also saw Sandara Park of 2ne1 sa crowd, at nakita ko sya after magsalita ni GD ng tagalog!! Mahihimatay na ko kasi ang daming alam ni GD na tagalog phrases! :”)) I REALLY LOVE THIS MAN 🙂 kaya nung sinabe na nila na “PAALAM, MAHAL KO KAYO and GD said: “PEACE OUT”. HALA! parang na-depress na ko kaagad. HAHA! gusto ko ng iuwi si GD baby! :”):”) Pero lahat ng nagastos ko for this concert was really WORTH IT. kahit ang sakit ng katawan ko kakasayaw at ang sakit na lalamunan ko kakasigaw, we’re so happy after the concert! best night for VIPs!!!!!!!!!! :bd

lahat na ng idols ko nakita ko na, si ED SHEERAN na lang!!! ohmygod. i can’t wait!