“Yes, we’re calling an entire country gay, because it is. Repressed homosexuality in Korea abounds and it’s up to people like the equally flaming Jaebum to call all those Koreans out on it. As we’ve stated before it takes one to know one. And considering how omg mad Koreans get at anyone remotely homosexual, we’ve decided to please K-pop fans on a whole and call the whole damn country gay. Hope you’re all happy because the overseas fans are next on its Turning People Gay scheme. I mean, the country looks like a penis for fuck’s sake.”

Korean Beef


Just young Korean men sharing a passionate kiss.

We’ve all done it. You know, slash Woo Hyuk with Tony An. Bi-Rain with JYP. Yoona with yourself. Korean Beef has decided to go the extra mile and use their extra-sensitive gaydars to pinpoint the people in K-pop who are most likely to be homosexual.

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