I’m sure any students, bloggers, movie lovers would understand the struggle in not having any laptop to work on. Other than my phone, my laptop is literally my everything, especially I’m a student who does not take notes and depends highly on applications like Notability in note taking.

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So I’ve decided to take another set of pictures. This time, it is RAW.
I never really liked raw photos, because I like light & dark images, but because of my best friend’s influence, I posted some of my cam’s unedited pictures.

I did use some filters/mood on my camera, such as silhouette & real tone. When I find time, I’ll try to use the remaining filters/mood available.

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When I tell people that I am not into photography, the reaction I got from their face have always been the “you’ve got to be kidding me” look. For the reason that I am not into photography but I have few gadgets I use in taking pictures and videos.

I am not contented with my cell phone. Although the cost of phones are expensive for a reason, which includes 10+ megapixels, I never got contented with it. There was a time when I only use my phone (iPhone5)  for everything then I found myself in a box… I realized that I need something more.Read More »

Polaroid Cube review


polaroid cube

My boyfriend got me a Polaroid Cube last June 2015 for my birthday since I was also booked for a getaway in the Philippines. I was just scrolling through my feeds when I saw a Polaroid cube+ ad. Basically, it is the updated version of the Polaroid Cube, which was launched last year (or maybe 2 years ago).

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