I’m sure any students, bloggers, movie lovers would understand the struggle in not having any laptop to work on. Other than my phone, my laptop is literally my everything, especially I’m a student who does not take notes and depends highly on applications like Notability in note taking.

I’ll have to edit the slides on Powerpoint, then save it on Notability to be able to access on my Mac, iPad and even phone. In addition to my student needs, I have loads of premium subscriptions to Netflix, Dramafever, Viki, etc… to satisfy my drama/movie cravings, which I preferably watch in my Mac than in television due to my poor eyesight causing difficulty in reading subtitles (Dramafever).


With that, my Macbook’s battery has been dying on me in university/when blogging & watching Netflix. It is said to be because of poor charging habits that damaged my battery. It was like sending a baby to hospital when it comes to my emotions and my wallet. Lol! I almost freaked out when I was told that changing a Macbook’s battery costs approximately $500 CAD!!!

They had their diagnostics, like hospitals, at least, that’s what Dr. House and his team do. Then I had to wait for a couple of days for them to order and receive my Macbook parts, like a car getting repaired. I also felt bad when the iWorld associate broke my matte black case when he was trying to remove my Macbook case. Nonetheless, I was kind enough to let it through, when he did not even apologize for what he had done.


Now my Macbook is back with me, and I realized this little precious’ importance after all that had happened. Thou shall not charge your Macbook/any gadget at night, it is!

new sign

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