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For some, this may be a small deal, but since this is my first piercing after my mom had given birth to me, I’ll make it a BIG deal enough for me to write a blog about it.

Somehow I found myself Googling about getting a second piercing on my ear lobe. And because I have a strong compulsion about getting pierced, I went straight to the mall after class and had my ears pierced at Claire’s for free, all I paid was the Piercing kit, which includes an earring of my choice & a bottle of cleaning solution. I’m also grateful for the associates there who were very accommodating to guide me in my technically first ear piercing; they even helped me choose the earring that will suit me the most.

MY PIERCING KIT (cellphone excluded)

It does not hurt as I expected it to be. . It says over Google that titanium is safe for an earring however the associates prefer either white gold or yellow gold to be the safest. I followed my motto that “let price speaks for itself” so I bought a little costly earring to prevent any allergic reaction or complication (I am that paranoid). I guess I will be using it in the meantime, instead of buying a Kate Spade’s Spade earring that I was originally planning to buy, nonetheless, I loved my new earring and it seems so cute too.


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