Because I’m a follower, obviously. Here’s my CURRENT feels.

I’m currently reading a Murakami Novel! Yayy! I had to stop reading Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage before, yet due to some reasons I wanted some gloomy/dark literature read so yes, I’m reading it now!

Two literature papers and this blog
I’m surprised by myself that I have the guts to do this when in fact I have two papers due!!!

Alwaaaays by Panama #JADINE

About how expensive it is to have my Macbook battery replaced, imagine? Half a thousand dollars just for a battery! *cries* Also, counting how many hours will I able to sleep tonight since I also have some reviewing to do.

My chamomile lotion and room scent, so relaxing!

I hope to finish my nursing school; somehow that’s my mean and extreme right now.

A super loose shirt and tight shorts, off to jog in a bit though

That my boyfriend and I are okay now ❤


To go on a vacation!
I wonder why the holy week is not even a holiday here, other than Good Friday.

Finish writing this! I have lots of things to do- Write. Write. Run. Sleep.Review. Take an exam. Write. Review. Repeat.

Blessed =)

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