I'm sure any students, bloggers, movie lovers would understand the struggle in not having any laptop to work on. Other than my phone, my laptop is literally my everything, especially I'm a student who does not take notes and depends highly on applications like Notability in note taking. I'll have to edit the slides on [...]

Because I'm a mainemendoza.com follower, obviously. Here's my CURRENT feels. Reading I'm currently reading a Murakami Novel! Yayy! I had to stop reading Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage before, yet due to some reasons I wanted some gloomy/dark literature read so yes, I'm reading it now! Writing Two literature papers and this [...]

Macbook nurse stethoscope decal.

  I just got my new Macbook decal for Nurses. 🙂 Get yours with DISCOUNT here!