Skincare routine these days has become a lengthy multi-step process, which may appear as weird, OA and exhaustive to others. This all started when Charlotte Cho of SOKOGLAM published The Little Book of Skin Care! I believe the book mentioned about the 10 KOREAN SKIN CARE ROUTINE for a “healthy, glowing skin,” which has become a trend not only in Korea but throughout the world.

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Next to Mac lipsticks, Colourpop has been my get go since it is affordable for its amazing quality. I have tried popular lip gloss style lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D., Ciate London, even Colourpop Ultra Matte but I never really had a chance to make time applying one on my lips since I’m not a morning person, hence I’m always rushing during mornings.

One thing I like about Colourpop is that they give options to their consumers about which type of matte lip products “we” could use- they have a stick and tube lippies. Having said that, lippie stix and lipsticks have been my choice because it is not as time-consuming and much easier to apply compared to other lip products/applicator.

Just recently, Colourpop released a summer collection of their best matte lippie stix, all in one gorgeous box! I’m lucky enough to purchase one during their last re-stock for this season. 🙂


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Last week was my pay day so I splurged some of my hard-earned money a bit. Currently, I have  35 lipsticks, which only 2-3 of it are my most used ones. I know for some thirty-five lipsticks aren’t that many compared to those people who posted their cosmetics on Youtube but apparently for me 35 is a two digit number that means more than one & more than what I need.

Anyway, I don’t know when did I start collecting lipsticks, maybe it was influenced to me by my best friend? So, yeah. I could be impulsive at times to satisfy myself… and the blame goes to her. HAHA.

One of my favourite among my lipsticks is MAC’s Twig. Surprise surprise, this is also Nadine Lustre’s favourite. (Click the link to watch)Read More »


Hello, guys! We have a week long university/school break after Valentine’s weekend. They call it the reading week, but I (& most people) call it winter break. That does not mean I don’t read my books, ok? I made plans when to read my books for my coming midterms.Read More »

Back To Cool


My Little Wonderwall

Last week, I bought this Colourpop “Back to Cool” Lippie Stix set. 12121222

I’m a Colourpop junkie ever since I’ve tried their Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick. So this box have 6 lippie stix inside.  It contains 4 mattes, 1 satin, and 1 creme. I’m so excited to try it all!


Actually, all the colors are fantastic and very wearable in your daily activities.

catsChoker –  pale almond nude in a creme finish (I love it I can use it if I have a dramatic eyeshadow, the lightest among the colors )

Baewatch– dusty rose in a matte finish (I feel like I will use this color everyday in the office) 

Mosh Pit– warm brown in matte finish (I’m obsessed with brown-toned lipstick! and I so love this color!!! “Kylie Jenner” kind of lips lol)

Out Of Sync– vibrant, hot pink in a matte finish (a fun color to wear especially on summer season) 

Too Sexy–…

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My lazy daily make up routine


Have you ever felt really tired that the only thing you want is to sleep in the morning than anything else in the world? Well basically, that’s my daily morning struggles, which is why I am always lazy and late!

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Cosmetic thoughts…

Sometimes all girls just need to pamper and love themselves. Be pretty and stay away from stress. Life is short, enjoy the youth and its color.

What I love about using Korean cosmetics is they are cheap and not expensive but surely you will see a good result prior to using it. Sometimes western cosmetics I bought from Sephora are way too expensive that I can buy more Korean cosmetics for the same quality. So what I decided was to stick with Korea’s bb cream since their are made for Asian skin, which is thick and beige-y while I’m using Benefit’s powder foundation which makes a good coverage when used with Korean BB creams. When it comes to bronzers, I want a darker shade since I am a little dark complexioned. I prefer Benefit’s Hoola which is a little costly, buy people get to use what you pay for. Right now I am still in my journey to discover a Korean bronzer that is perfect for contouring. We all know that Koreans prefer blush ons than bronzers so it is a little hard to find a good one, although I will try The Face Shop’s Lovely Me: Ex You & Face Blusher #09 Cinnamon Dream soon. For lipstick, I don’t really mind what colour or brand it is, however I prefer a matte one from Mac.

My top 5 favourite Korean cosmetics!

Even though I might be far away from Asia I am still up to date to the trends in Korea most especially when it comes to fashion, drama and make-ups. Back then, buying a BB cream which is a distance near to me needs a little saving from my weekly allowance of 800 pesos, but now that I am working  while studying, I find it ironic that I have the money but I’m no longer accessible to my favourite cosmetics. So the thing when you do an online beauty shopping, you don’t get to try it if it suits you or not and returning isn’t as easy as riding a cab, you need an airplane!

Here are my top 5 list of must have Korean cosmetics, which are very ideal to everyday exposure to sunlight. stress and dust.


1. Beauty blender is the newest bandwagon in the West and Korea got one too in a very cute box, which will certainly make any customer have a second look. Aside from the packaging, this sponge is also an ideal make-up applicator. Imagine how many brushes does one need to apply a make up, when this sponge can just be all in one. It is really handy and easy to clean, perfect for any girls out there who are on the go!



2. This is the BB moisturizer. I don’t usually use it during the day since I have my Etude House base and Missha BB cream but this is really perfect to apply overnight. Without being too greasy and too heavy, you will be relaxed with its smell as it moisturizes your skin.


3. Tony Moly’s Aura set. Although I haven’t really tried this set, I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks about this Aura beam and Aura BB cream. In fact, Etude House just recently released their own Aura set with Tony Moly as its competitor. My favorite shopping site is also giving an Aura free trial kit as part of their promotions.


4. Etude House’s eyeliner is another must use! I always find myself wearing an eyeliner since this is the signature make-up in the Korean scene. You’ll either have it winged or thin, eyeliner is indeed a necessity.

IMG_00015. A spray of Etude house mist is great for a Korean like glow. This is not very advisable during summer, but really great in winter to keep your skin hydrated and protected from dust.

What are you waiting for? Google now and get yours too! Always remembers, Asian skin suits Asian cosmetics. 🙂 lmao.


Travel must haves, the K-drama way!

Korean way of travelling is a little different from the rest. Unless you are influenced by an Asian or Korean, one won’t know how fun it is to travel the Korean drama way. So as summer is fast approaching,  here are some of the things a Korean drama fan must have when it comes to travelling.

1. Monopod – the selfie gadget

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I haven’t seen any Korean drama, wherein the characters have used a monopod. This is in the list because Korea is known for selca (self capturewhich now known as ‘selfie’.


2. Backpack – the Park Shin Hye travel

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Backpack is quite common but it is always a must have in any Korean drama, may it be in school, work or even travelling.

Park Shin Hye as Lee Gyu Won also had a back pack when she travelled to Jeju island in the Korean drama Heartstrings.


3. High heeled rubber shoes – be a KPOP star



Koreans are so into looks, which includes height and everything nice. A rubber shoes which has a hidden heel is perfect for any Korean drama themed getaway.

4. Sunscreen from Etude House

Asian cosmetics for Asian skin
Asian cosmetics for Asian skin (sorry for the img quality)

This isn’t only a Sunscreen but is a BB base which makes the skin perfect in a single application. It also smells good and feels very light upon applying on your face.

5. Polaroid – capture yourself.

Though we already have a Monopod in the list, Polaroid should also be in the list because some things aren’t just meant to be shared to everyone and some pictures should just be printed sooner.

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Have a happy vacation the Korean way! 🙂

t-Ara’s Jiyeon eye make-up

I assume all those who will be reading this blog if not a Queen [t-Ara’s fan club] has probably seen Jiyeon on Dream High 2 and also liked her eye make-up like me! (click here for my DH2 review)
And right below is my favorite Jiyeon eye make-up tutorial from Youtube! It’s the easiest and best of all the jiYeon tutorials, for me. 🙂 All the credits to the uploader.


And after doing the same thing to me (minus eyeliner, I hate how it feels so heavy) here are the result!