My lazy daily make up routine


Have you ever felt really tired that the only thing you want is to sleep in the morning than anything else in the world? Well basically, that’s my daily morning struggles, which is why I am always lazy and late!

I’m not really a morning person. I usually stay up until 3 am, worst time could be 5 am. That said, when I wake up I still have my usual morning routines that I need to comply for my own peacefulness- to look at least a bit presentable, eh?

So I listed here my 5 daily musts make-up, all available in Sephora.

1. Benefit’S Hello Flawless

When I don’t have time to put my foundation/bb cream on, I always thank the people behind this powder. I absolutely look decent when it is on my face, covering my dark circles and my pimp marks. Not only that, since it is a powder, I only need 30 seconds and I’m good to go for the rest of my day.

2 & 3 . Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara and my lash curler

I prefer putting mascara than an eyeliner when I am rushing. Due to the reason that, eyeliner needs more attention and little artistic skills, which unfortunately I am lacking. Mascara, on the other hand, does not need any meticulous application. All you need is a curler and apply the mascara! Hello, tantalizing eyes.

4. Benefit’s Hoola bronzer! My FAVOURITE!

Highlight and contouring are the other time costly make-ups I need to apply since I have a wide jaw line and chubby cheeks. Hoola bronzer is able to put my contoured face with just a simple swipe on both of my temples… a little less Kardashian wanna be.

5. Urban Decay lipstick

The only non-Benefit make up listed here is my Urban Decay lippy! Although I have a bit of lipstick collection, this UD lippy is very much convenient! No need for matte, all I need is a baby look when I’m in a hurry.


That’s basically my routine! What about you? Comment below about your own routine!



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