My lazy daily make up routine

Have you ever felt really tired that the only thing you want is to sleep in the morning than anything else in the world? Well basically, that's my daily morning struggles, which is why I am always lazy and late! I'm not really a morning person. I usually stay up until 3 am, worst time [...]

Photo wall idea

Hello! I'd like to share a small area in my room that I'm so much attached with. It's actually my photo wall! If you guys only knew the heart fluttering feeling whenever I make a small glimpse to my wall? In spite of heavy schedule as a working student, this wall reminds me of memories [...]

ETSY review.

As promised, here's my Etsy review! I talked about Etsy on my last blog and I just received it yesterday night after my New Year date. It took 3 weeks for me to receive it, which is quite reasonable because of the holidays and also since it came all the way from China. The merchant, [...]


Honestly, I have to say that I anticipated SNSD's The Boys MV than WonderGirls comeback. But I was really disappointed with the song Teddy composed for SNSD. Now, I've been waiting for Wonder Girls comeback and just with the first teaser killed me. I was not a fan of these five girls; I happened to [...]