Photo wall idea

wp-1453675676373.jpgHello! I’d like to share a small area in my room that I’m so much attached with. It’s actually my photo wall! If you guys only knew the heart fluttering feeling whenever I make a small glimpse to my wall?

In spite of heavy schedule as a working student, this wall reminds me of memories that I don’t usually experience since I don’t get to hang out every day on all of the people on my wall, as most of them are in my home country or in another Canadian province.

Isn’t it so Pinterest-y?

So I got the pink strings and kiss button at Walmart. It would be so much better if it was red just because my room’s motif is minimalistic with a little spice of red.

All in all, it has 18 pictures containing the best of my memories. sign_Fotor

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