Back to blogging.

Been wanting a new blog name, but like memories, this blog has been mine since forever. Can’t find a way to let this blog go. I guess I must stick with my crappy url:)

Updated – Jan 26, 2016

So I tried exporting my to my! Unfortunately, my site was almost done when I realized that is way more time consuming that I thought. I just spent my 13 hours trying to put up my site, ending up without any security and setting.


need crop_Fotor

Then I gave up. I gave up the freedom to enhance my site and surrendered to

I did get a refund from blueHost and cancelled my domain mapping from .com to .org.

That night also, I came across my site’s dashboard and found a domain you can buy using! OMG! This is way cheaper than purchasing my own domain from bluehost + it also automatically map my domain from my previous http// to (using bluehost too)! Now thats easy because I also have the benefit of without much hassle in spite of gaining less freedom.

Well what can I do? I’m a working student, needing to handle so much duties. 😂 Anyway, here’s what my new site looks now, along with my new domain! Hihi! Enjoy.



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