BIG drama review.

Straight to the point. It is a very disappointing drama for the Hong Sisters. Well, If not because of Gong Yoo who is super duper hot and rising idol Miss A’s Suzy; this drama won’t rate well. It’s a roller coaster ride where it ended unjustified. I do understand the main male characters are  “fraternal twins” but are they kidding the audience because of the twice ‘after a year… ‘ phrase?

But i have to say that the story started so well, everything was amazing until the couple are always fighting all over the same topic until the end that made me sick of it. And I do know that BIG‘s plot is a very complicated story where if Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran who must end up with each other will be the one at the end of the story; will result to a lots of more problems prior to the end but despite of that because I know how credible the writers are, I still anticipate for a good ending that I didn’t achieve.

[T-Ara] Hwayoung to leave the group immediately

I seriously blame their agency for this scandal. It will be hard for anyone to adapt and be able to be friends with 6 members that are intact and that close especially if one is an introvert. CCM should have not put and put members in T-ARA.

[BENCH] Lee Min Ho, Newest Korean Star to Endorse Famous Philippine Clothing Brand

I’m just so stoked to know that Lee Min Ho is now the newest BENCH endorser. I now a few days from now he will visit in the Philippines that I’m sure I will be envy of.


JUNE 2011, BIGBANG’s Daesung has an accident with a motorcyclist around 1:30 am that causes the death of the later. Fast forward to JULY 2012, 2PM’s Nichkhun was involved in an accident around 2:30 am.

Daesung’s accident, 2011
Nichkhun accident, 2012

My fear now is what happened to Bigbang‘s activities last year might happen to 2PM now. The difference is the face of 2PM is Khun and I seriously don’t know what will happen to the group. Unlike Bigbang’s face was its leader GD. More of I’m seeing the effect of GD’s marijuana scandal to Bigbang may happen to 2PM.

MBC’s idol star  edited out Khun and even Caribbean bay that they have been endorsing for a few years now removed Nichkhun on it’s promotional pictures online. I hope this won’t affect much to 2PM, people must know that idols are humans too, they need to have mistake to learn which is part of life’s lesson.


Consistent laughs and love lines. Magical or Drama. Romantic and Comedy.  Gender bender or fantasy. Hong Sisters drama are really one of the best dramas aired in Korea that gained high ratings. Every year they come up with a different series that will surely catch Asia’s heart.

There’s not a chance that I didn’t like their dramas, though I’m not that into BEST LOVE, their 2011 drama it still gained a lot of positive responses in Korea. Almost all of their dramas are really popular and if anyone will be asking what is the best Hong Sisters drama I’ve seen, here’s how I will arrange them.

1. You’re Beautiful

2. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

3. Sassy Girl ChunHyang

4. Big (recently ended)

5. My Girl

6. Best Love

* I haven’t seen Hong Gil Dong and Fantasy Couple

I swear I also have high respect for Hong Sisters and lots of celebrities are achieving their Hallyu status because of these writers. Now that I’m half way near the end of Big, my anticipation for their 2013 drama is high.

ZETTAI KARESHI. Why have I discovered you this late?

2012. I started to watch this series because of curiosity after watching Taiwanese Version, Absolute Boyfriend. Fortunately, Viki had some problems and all I left to do is to watch the Japanese version because I was really into the plot.

Oh my gosh! The fast-phased plot, Tenjo knight’s sincerity for Rikko, Rikko’s flipped and Soshi’s unrequited love were the best! I seriously regret knowing this series just now. And the twist? After falling for Zettai Kareshi, I lose interest watching how corny Taiwanese version is; i just hate how they tried hard to make it humorous and the intertwining non-sense events are now irritating, very far from the Japanese series. No offense to Gu Hye Sun, though I like her much her expression too, doesn’t give justice to what is being dubbed to her. And Jiro Wang is really a hottie but I can’t still bear seeing him knowing I’ve waited a year to see Wu Chun play the role. But despite of all lead problems I do have, I’ve like Absolute Boyfriend before and without it I wouldn’t watch Zettai Kareshi.

All I have to do is to anticipate for the Korean version because rumor says Bigbang’s T.O.P will be the protagonist.


I’ve been bothered these days; never stayed whole day since I started working and the same time schooling and now that it is officially summer, staying at home doing nothing makes me insane. I also had my 2-week leave at work because of i’ll be going together with my brother to Toronto, Canada.

I’ve been also sleepless because i’ve been missing someone back home after he left a voice note. I really think I’m already in love with him and I just admire how frank he is in saying what he wants with sincerity on his tired voice.