Consistent laughs and love lines. Magical or Drama. Romantic and Comedy.  Gender bender or fantasy. Hong Sisters drama are really one of the best dramas aired in Korea that gained high ratings. Every year they come up with a different series that will surely catch Asia’s heart.

There’s not a chance that I didn’t like their dramas, though I’m not that into BEST LOVE, their 2011 drama it still gained a lot of positive responses in Korea. Almost all of their dramas are really popular and if anyone will be asking what is the best Hong Sisters drama I’ve seen, here’s how I will arrange them.

1. You’re Beautiful

2. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

3. Sassy Girl ChunHyang

4. Big (recently ended)

5. My Girl

6. Best Love

* I haven’t seen Hong Gil Dong and Fantasy Couple

I swear I also have high respect for Hong Sisters and lots of celebrities are achieving their Hallyu status because of these writers. Now that I’m half way near the end of Big, my anticipation for their 2013 drama is high.

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